The one-shoulder bodysuit is a super-sexy take on the classic body suit. While it may look like a tricky garment to pull off, in reality it's not that difficult – and we've got all the styles you need to get the look just right.

The key is finding a one-shoulder bodysuit that fits your shape. If you're petite, go for something with no sleeves, like our pick from ASOS. On the other hand, if you're tall or have longer legs, try a more conservative style with long sleeves and pants that hits just below your butt so it doesn't cut off at an awkward length when you sit down. Or if you want to up the sexy factor even more, pair yours with thigh-high stockings or even over the knee socks!

How We Choose

There's a lot to take into consideration when choosing a one-shoulder bodysuit. You want it to be comfortable and flattering, while also being well made and affordable. It should also come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can wear it with different outfits.

We've gathered our picks for the best one-shoulder bodysuits from Amazon's massive selection so that you can find the perfect one for you. These options come in a range of styles and prices, so everyone can find an option that works for them.

MANGOPOP One Shoulder Bodysuit

Let's face it, when you're wearing a bodysuit, there are only so many ways that you can get dressed. That's not the case with Mango Pop's one-shoulder bodysuit, which has a whole host of different ways to wear and layer as an alternative to your normal clothes.

Simply slip it on over your head like a shirt and then pull down the front to create the look of a crop top or tank top. You can even tuck in your pants and make it look like a skirt if you prefer. These clever little tricks make this bodysuit perfect for getting dressed quickly while still looking amazing thanks to its flattering one-piece design.

The material is bamboo rayon which means it feels lightweight yet durable making this suit great for layering during winter months too. The waistline sits just above your belly button but doesn't cut into you at all which is great for women with hips who want more coverage when working out or running around in yoga pants.

MANGOPOP One Shoulder Long Sleeve

The Tanga Bodysuit Bottom is a two-piece bottom that's perfect for women who want to feel more secure during sex. With the bodysuit bottom, you'll be completely covered, and it will also keep your partner from seeing through it.

The bodysuit bottom comes in one size so that it fits most people comfortably. It's made of 97% nylon and 3% spandex which makes this a durable garment. The one-shoulder style means that the top part can be raised for easy washing or drying if you're going on vacation or have guests over.

The Body by Sam is a bodysuit that has an off-the-shoulder design and fringed accents, which makes it both elegant and classy at the same time. It's made from a stretchy polyester/spandex blend that feels smooth against your skin, while the high-elasticity waistband means this bodysuit is easy to wear.

The only thing we'd change about this body suit is the low rise - we wish it had a built-in thong for extra coverage. As it is, you'll need to wear panties beneath this bodysuit if you want maximum coverage. The waistband also has a snap closure at the bottom, so you can adjust its tightness as needed.

Despite those few flaws, we think the Body by Sam Bodysuit does an excellent job of giving you shapely curves under clothes no matter what shape or size you are. It comes in four different colors including black and white and has enough sparkle on the fringes to give some pizzazz to your outfit without being too overbearing or distracting from your figure.

One Shoulder Bodysuit FAQs

Body suits can be a bit tricky to figure out, especially if it's your first time.

You want to make sure you get the best one for your needs. But with all of the different brands and varieties available, how are you supposed to know which ones are the best for you?

We've answered some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about body suits so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing one for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

What Is The Shoulder Bodysuit Made Of?

Most bodysuits are made from cotton, which is a breathable fabric that's comfortable to wear. Some can also be found in stretchy materials such as spandex, which will give you more movement and comfort while you're wearing it. The material used on your bodysuit will have an impact on the way it looks and feels so choose wisely based on what you plan to do in it!

What Is The One Shoulder Bodysuit Designed To Do?

The one shoulder bodysuit is designed to show off your best assets while still providing you with modesty and coverage where you need it. The wide shoulder strap covers much of your upper arm, so there's no chance of revealing too much skin on this part of the body.

The one shoulder bodysuit is a great look for women who want to add some sultry appeal to their outfit, but don't feel comfortable in a skimpy two-piece bathing suit or bikini. These fashionable pieces can be worn as an undergarment or as outerwear on warmer days. Many one shoulder bodysuits have matching pant options that allow you to complete the entire look in style.

What Size One Shoulder Bodysuit Should I Order?

It really depends on the style of bodysuit you're looking for, but as a general rule of thumb, if you're ordering online, order one size up. This will give you more room to move and breathe while wearing it. If you prefer the look of a tighter fit, go with your regular size.

If you're in-store or can't find a sizing chart online, grab a size sample from the store and hold it up against yourself to get an idea of how it'll fit before making your purchase. Be sure not to stretch the fabric too much though!

How Often Should I Clean My One Shoulder Bodysuit?

Depending on how often you wear your bodysuit, it may need to be cleaned more frequently. Depending on the fabric of your one shoulder bodysuit, you can follow general washing guidelines for similar garments in your wardrobe:

Delicate fabrics (such as chiffon or silk) should be hand washed with cool water and a mild detergent. Avoid any harsh soaps that could damage the delicate fibers. After washing, gently twist excess water out of the garment before placing it in a clean sink filled with cool water. Soak for about 10 minutes before gently twisting and patting dry with a clean cloth or towel. Lay flat to dry away from direct sunlight and heat sources like an oven or radiator, which can damage some types of fabrics.

How Do I Put On The One Shoulder Bodysuit?

It's easy to put on a one shoulder bodysuit. First, put your arms through the hole near your wrist. Bend your elbow and bring it up so that your hand is close to your neck. Next, use that hand to pull down the fabric from the shoulder you want exposed. Hold the top of the bodysuit with your other hand and slide it down until it's covering most of the front of your torso but only part of one side and leaving a bit of skin showing above one breast. Finally, adjust so there isn't excess fabric bunching around your waist or hips before you button or zip up if applicable.

What Is The Best Way To Measure For A One Shoulder Bodysuit?

The most important thing to remember when measuring for a one shoulder bodysuit is that you want the shoulder seam to sit exactly at the top of your shoulder. If you go too high, it will look ridiculous and hang in an unflattering way. Too low and you'll be showing more skin than intended! To get this perfect fit, first measure from the top of your shoulder down to your elbow. Then measure from your elbow down to your wrist (keep in mind that this is where the sleeve will end). Add these two numbers together and purchase a bodysuit that falls in that range – either inch or centimeters, whatever works best for you! You can also try on existing bodysuits or similar garments with a shirt collar around your neck; we think our model looks like she's wearing a bow tie!

How Do You Pee When Wearing A One Shoulder Bodysuit?

This is not a question you expect to be asked when interviewing someone for a job. But then again, this was no ordinary interview. It was the first time I interviewed Madonna and I wasn't prepared for the kind of questions she would ask me.

It's fair to say she caught me off guard with her query about how I relieve myself while wearing one of her body-hugging bodysuits.

I spluttered and stammered but eventually managed to come up with the answer that I unzip at the back and slide down one shoulder so my breast is exposed enough to pee (or lactate). Still, it felt like an inadequate response; surely there must be a better way? And in fact, there is. The designer behind many of Madonna's most iconic looks - Azzedine Alaïa - came up with his own solution: a toilet seat insert he dubbed “pissoir blouse” or “pee shirt” in English. He apparently made them for her whenever she wore one of his designs on stage or screen.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A One Shoulder Bodysuit?

There are many reasons to choose a one shoulder bodysuit over a regular tank top. Let's look at the benefits of wearing a bodysuit with only one shoulder exposed:

Convenience: It can be uncomfortable or awkward to wear both straps on your shoulders, especially if you're participating in an activity that requires movement. By having just one strap, you don't have to worry about keeping it up as you move about doing your thing. Fashionable: A lot of women shy away from wearing tank tops because they expose their neck and upper back. However, there is something very stylish about showing off this area, which is why many celebrities opt for one shoulder bodysuits instead of two-shoulder styles when they want to look glamorous. Comfortable: Many people find two-shutch tank tops to be too constricting and feel like they're choking all day long. With just one strap on your shoulder, you'll feel much more free and comfortable as you go through your day

What Are The Risks Of Wearing A One Shoulder Bodysuit?

The biggest risk with this type of bodysuit is that it's so figure-hugging, you don't want to overdo the one shoulder look. You might think a strapless version would solve this problem, but in reality, it often accentuates the size of your bust because there's nothing to support the weight of your breasts.

You'll need to wear a bra with any kind of one shoulder bodysuit and make sure it is properly secured at the back. If you're wearing a tight sheath dress or pencil skirt with your one shoulder bodysuit, avoid pairing it with an oversized jacket that will overwhelm your petite frame.

What Are Some Tips For Wearing A One Shoulder Bodysuit?

It's important to choose a bodysuit that fits you well, especially if you plan on showing off one shoulder. If the fabric doesn't sit properly against your body, it could look messy and ruin the whole look. Make sure you get the right size, and consider choosing something in stretchy fabric so it hugs your curves without digging in too much.

As far as styling goes, a one-shoulder bodysuit is easy to wear with other pieces in your wardrobe. You can create an interesting mix by pairing it with a contrasting color or style of skirt, for example. Alternatively, try wearing yours under a classic blazer or shirt for work, or upgrading it with some edgy boots and statement earrings for an evening look. Remember to keep things simple elsewhere by avoiding chunky jewelry and busy clutches!


The one shoulder bodysuit is a sexy and flattering must-have for any woman's wardrobe. It has become very popular over the past few years due to its versatility, flattering cut and modern aesthetic. There are many different styles of one shoulder bodysuits available so you can choose one which best fits your body type and preferences. They come in a variety of colors, materials and patterns so you can coordinate them with other pieces in your wardrobe or wear them on their own for an edgy look. The one shoulder bodysuit makes a great addition to both casual outfits as well as more formalwear - it's sure to add some pizzazz to your collection!

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