Custom fanny packs are a great way to make sure you have everything you need on your adventures, without having to carry anything yourself. They're ideal for runners who want to run free of kit, cyclists who want to keep their valuables safe during a ride, or hikers who don't want to risk dropping their phone in the wilderness.

Custom fanny packs can be made from various materials and come in an array of colors and patterns. As well as ensuring that yours is unique, this means that there's plenty of variety available when it comes to choosing the perfect model. If you're unsure where to begin, our buying guide will help you find exactly what you're looking for!

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How We Choose

We've reviewed the best fanny packs available so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you want a stylish accessory to carry around or want something functional for hiking and other outdoor activities, we've got a great option for you below.

Fanny Pack with LED Display for Women & Men

The Pixel Art Fanny Pack is a great choice for any occasion. This stylish bag features a pixel art display on the front, making it easy to create your own unique designs. The back of the fanny pack also has room for more storage space, with an additional pocket and zipper closure.

The bag is made from durable material that will withstand daily use. It's equipped with LED lights that illuminate the screen when you're out at night or in low lighting conditions. It also comes with an integrated USB charger port so you can charge your phone or other devices without having to search for an outlet.

This fanny pack is perfect for women who want to carry their essentials while looking stylish and modern at the same time. With its pixel art design and LED lights, this bag will definitely stand out wherever you go!

Glitter Purple Fanny Packs for Women and Men

The Deargifts Fanny Pack is an ideal choice for anyone who wants a stylish and practical accessory that can be used for a variety of purposes. This pack features two separate compartments and one zipper hidden pocket, which makes it suitable for storing phones, wallets, keys, cash, cards and other essentials.

The bag is made of high quality premium nylon material, which makes it lightweight and durable. The adjustable strap allows you to customize the fit according to your preferences. It's also available in different colors and patterns to suit your style perfectly. Additionally, this fanny pack comes with a 30-day refund policy so you can return it if you are not satisfied with the product after using it for a while.

Overall, the Deargifts Fanny Pack is a great choice for anyone looking to add style and functionality to their wardrobe without breaking the bank. With its multitude of uses ranging from shopping trips to hiking treks - there's no doubt this will become your go-to accessory!

Custom Fanny Pack With Personalized Design

The Zello Fanny Pack is a great option for anyone looking to add some style to their workout routine. This fanny pack comes in a variety of different colors and patterns, making it easy to find the one that suits you best.

The durable fabric construction ensures that your belongings will stay safe during any activity. It's also water resistant so you won't have to worry about getting wet if you happen to get caught in the rain while out on an excursion. The wide opening makes it easy to access your phone or other items without having to take everything out of the pack first, which can be helpful when trying to quickly grab something from your bag on the go.

The zippers are high-quality and work smoothly, ensuring that your items don't accidentally come loose while being transported. Overall, this fanny pack is a great option for anyone who wants a stylish way of carrying their essentials while they're on the move!

Personalize Bum Bags With Adjustable Belt

The Waist Bag is a great way to carry your essentials on-the-go. This hip pack, bum bag, waist pack or fanny pack can be used as a fashion statement or for practical reasons such as going out and running errands.

The bag is made of high-density polyester fiber material that's durable and soft and flexible. It has an attractive pattern design that makes you look good no matter where you go. The wear resistant zipper works smoothly which is important when you're wearing it all day long.

It's also equipped with an adjustable waist strap which can be adjusted freely so it fits your body perfectly. This versatile bag comes in several different colors so you can find one that matches your style perfectly!

Custom Fanny Packs FAQs

It's time to get your hands on the best fanny pack, but you have no idea where to start. There are so many different brands and choices out there that it can be tough knowing which ones are worth getting.

We've created a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about fanny packs, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase one for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

How To Make Fanny Pack Stylish?

When you wear a fanny pack, there's no getting around the fact that it looks a little geeky. But there are ways to make yours look stylish instead of dorky. The most important thing is to choose a fashionable color, whether it's black, brown, blue or green. Make sure the straps match your outfit too.

If you're not keen on wearing your fanny pack over your shoulder, consider buying one with belt hooks so you can wear it like a waist pack instead. You could even buy an adjustable strap if you'd prefer to sling it cross-body style rather than over your shoulder.

It might seem obvious but another way to make your fanny pack look stylish is to keep the contents minimal and smart, rather than cluttered and ugly. Your cell phone and wallet (if that's all you're carrying) work best in this regard as they have some heft without loads of unnecessary plastic wrapping or junk stuffed inside them.

What Should You Put In A Fanny Pack?

The beauty of a fanny pack is that it's not only hands-free, but you can also access the contents quickly and easily. You don't need to overfill them either: they're small bags and there's little room for bulkier items. Think about what you normally carry around with you anyway – keys, phone, wallet, camera (if it fits), water bottle – and choose the type of pack accordingly. Some smaller packs even have expandable sections so you can increase their capacity when necessary.

You can also use a fanny pack to hold other items you might want to keep out of sight or separate from your day-to-day valuables; spare batteries for your electronic devices are a good example here. Finally, some fanny packs come with external bottle holders so if your drink isn't sealed in an opaque plastic container then at least you'll be able to bring along a cup for refills!

What Did Fanny Packs Used To Be Called?

Fanny packs used to be called belt bags or hip packs but the term fanny pack was favored by many manufacturers, in part because it evoked the image of a woman's rear end.

The name is derived from an early usage of the word fanny which referred to either a woman's buttocks or her vulva. That meaning is now considered vulgar and inappropriate for polite conversation, which may be one reason why many younger people don't realize that fanny pack is just another way of saying pocketbook (or handbag).

Why Are Fanny Packs In Style?

While it's true that fanny packs were popular in the 1980s, they actually originated in the 1960s as a way to carry camera equipment or other valuables while traveling. Their name comes from the fact that they traditionally hung around your waist, just like a pack of feral rats (felines) would hang off of their mothers.

But when fashion designers like Diane von Furstenberg brought them back into vogue in 1985, no one realized how much this little accessory was about to change history. Von Furstenberg used fanny packs as a safety precaution at her fashion shows so she could quickly reach for her cell phone whenever an emergency arose. She even wore one during an interview with CNN when asked about her thoughts on nuclear war! While they are still most commonly associated with vacations, recent years have seen celebrities and everyday folks wearing fanny packs to the grocery store and beyond.

What Is The Best Fabric For A Fanny Pack?

There are a few different materials that fanny packs can be made of. Which is best really comes down to personal preference and the type of use you want your pack for.
Some people prefer nylon fabric as it's quite durable and abrasion-resistant, so it will hold up to some rough treatment. Many fanny packs made from nylon cost less too so they're an affordable option if you plan on using yours regularly, or even occasionally in extreme conditions. Nylon is also water resistant so unless your pack gets submerged on a regular basis this should be sufficient protection for most users' needs.  Other people prefer the look and feel of leather fanny packs which do have a more classic vibe about them, especially when compared with modern plastic versions. The downside to genuine leather though is that it does cost considerably more than many other options, so may not be worth the investment unless you plan on using yours regularly, or simply prize looks over price.

What Is The Difference Between A Fanny Pack And A Waist Pack?

A fanny pack is just like it sounds: a small, flat pocket on the front of your body. It's not meant to be worn low on your hips; it's designed to sit on your lower stomach. A waist pack is designed to sit across the top of your hipbones and below your waistline. This lets you get access to the contents without taking off the pack completely, since that can be awkward in some situations (like if you're riding a roller coaster).

Why Are Fanny Packs Making A Comeback?

Fanny packs are making a comeback, yes, but let's be clear: they never really went away. When we think of fanny packs, the first image that comes to mind is the tourists in line for the Space Shuttle Tour at Disney World. But there's a reason why those folks are wearing them: it frees up their hands to take pictures and buy overpriced souvenirs.

There's little doubt that fanny packs have become a signature look for certain subcultures within pop culture. These include members of the LGBTQ community who identify as "fpunk," which is an offshoot of drag culture; geek/nerd/ comic book fans who attend conventions like San Diego Comic-Con; and toy collectors who frequent events like New York Toy Fair and San Diego Comic-Con International. The reasons why these groups wear fanny packs can vary widely (some feel it dates back to when queer individuals were forced to hide their sexuality), but they undoubtedly stand out in a crowd compared to other fashion choices.


In conclusion, there are many different types of custom fanny packs available on the market today. Whether you're looking for a fashionable accessory to wear during workouts or an insulated bag for your lunch time walks – there's something out there for everyone! Our top picks include an adjustable waist strap, multiple storage compartments and a reflective strip for safety at night. To ensure that you get the best value for money we recommend doing your research beforehand and reading reviews from other customers before making a purchase. We hope this blog post has given you some valuable insights into finding the perfect fanny pack! Thank you again for taking the time to read our content!

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