The best lingerie bodysuits are a simple way to transform your daily outfit into something special. Whether you're looking for a bridal gift or simply want to treat yourself, this style of lingerie has the power to add an extra sexy layer to your look.

The key is finding one that fits well and shows off all the right areas. That might mean selecting one with cut-out detailing on the chest or choosing a super tight fit with compression sleeves. It's also worth keeping in mind that most come in either black or white so you can mix things up when it comes to styling them with outfits.

If you have larger breasts, we recommend opting for a lingerie bodysuit rather than a bra as they tend to offer more support and coverage than their non-lingerie counterparts. You'll be amazed at how much of a difference this makes when it comes to confidence levels too!

How We Choose

We started by looking for the best bodysuits in terms of comfort, fit, and function. We then looked at a variety of factors including design details (such as straps or closures), material quality, and price. Finally, we brought in a range of models from different brands so you could find the perfect one for you.

Avidlove One Piece Lace Bodysuit

The Avidlove Teddy Lingerie is another bodysuit that's made of high-quality materials, which means you can be confident this lingerie set will last you for many years.

It features a lace design on the front and back, with two sets of adjustable straps for a custom fit. The top has an ultra-soft feel, while the bottom is lined with cotton to keep you comfortable all night long.

The size guide goes up to a 2X, so it should work well for most people. You might want to grab one size down if you're in between sizes though. There aren't any drawstrings or other adjusting options offered here either, so everything is built to move as little as possible during your intimate moments.

Romwe Women's Floral Lace Lingerie Bodysuit

We think the Teddy Underwear set is one of the most unique and fun lingerie sets out there, thanks to its cleverly concealed inner bra. This means you can wear it under your clothes without anyone but you knowing.

The teddy is a basic white mesh bodysuit with an opaque red trim and red spaghetti straps that adjust to fit any inseam. It's got a hook-and-eye closure on the front and a zip down the back, so it's super easy to get dressed in after use.

We'd recommend this for someone who wants to try something new rather than as their main lingerie choice though - even though it's fully functional, we don't think it looks great on anyone unless they're super skinny or have big boobs!

Avidlove Women Lace Bodysuit

The Lingerie Addict One Piece Bodysuit is another great, full-coverage bodysuit option. It's available in a variety of fun colors and patterns, and offers a nice mix of coverage with the "snap closure" design.

The Lingerie Addict One Piece Bodysuit comes with an adjustable bra straps, which can be adjusted to fit your breasts comfortably. The crotch area of these bodysuits has a snap closure that allows you to open up the bottom for trips to the bathroom or putting them on over your head before you attach it underneath.

These bodysuits are made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester fabric, so they're soft and comfortable while still being durable enough for frequent use. They feature floral lace along the top and scalloped trim down each side of the torso. There's double layer fabric over the chest with scalloped lace decor, giving this bodysuit a really flattering shape that will show off your curves nicely without revealing too much skin.

RSLOVE Fishnet Bodysuit

The RSLOVE Fishnet Bodysuit is a one-piece lingerie that offers a sexy, bodycon style. This piece can be worn as outerwear, or as an alluring undergarment for a more feminine look. The fishnet mesh construction creates a sensual silhouette, while the glittery rhinestone embellishments offer plenty of attitude to go with it.

Though this piece is designed to create an overtly sexy look, we think it's best suited to nighttime wear, and should be avoided during the day if you're trying to keep your outfit professional or businesslike in nature. As such, we recommend this bodysuit only for those looking to embrace their inner sexpot at night when they're out and about on the town.

Avidlove Sexy Lace Bodysuit

We all have that one lingerie set that we think is the perfect shape, but it's just not in stock. Or you're indecisive and want something in a few different styles. That's where the One Piece Teddy Bodysuit comes in. It's basically a teddy with everything you could need – it has adjustable ties on the back, front and sides to help ensure your perfect fit, and there are two sets of tie closures so you can adjust them as needed for comfort.

Available in sizes XS to XL (although do go up a size if you like things tight), we recommend this bodysuit if you've struggled to find a good fitting sleepwear set or have tried other on-the-go options but weren't 100% happy with their support or coverage. With its wide waistband and deep v neckline, this lace bodysuit is flattering without being too revealing - even when worn under clothing. While it does feature adjustable ties on both sides for easy adjustment, they are only adjustable at certain points along the bodysuit itself which means some areas may be more comfortable than others depending on how much extra fabric there is across these sections of your body.

There isn't any lining either which makes this an alternative that works best for those who don't mind wearing something thinner against their skin while they're active during the day or sleeping through night time hours, especially if they're traveling light while doing so (which is why we rated it highly overall).

Lingerie Bodysuit FAQs

You don't want to end up with the wrong lingerie bodysuit. There are different types of lingerie bodysuits, and each one has its own set of pros and cons. It can be tough to know which one is best for you.

We've created a list of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about lingerie bodysuits, so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing yours. With this new knowledge, you'll be able to confidently choose the perfect piece for yourself or your loved one.

Who Can Wear Bodysuit Lingerie?

Bodysuits are generally more forgiving than bras because the garment is, essentially, one piece. As a result, they're great for women who have issues with back pain or shoulder pain when wearing traditional bras. Additionally, most bodysuit lingerie comes in varying sizes and styles to accommodate different body types and breast size. For instance, some bodysuits hug the torso while others feature armholes that extend far past the breasts so you can wear other garments underneath if you live in colder climates. Bodysuits also do a great job of smoothing out your midsection because they fit below your bustline rather than above it like traditional bras do.

The only caveat to wearing bodysuit lingerie is that it may not be as flattering on plus-size women as traditional bra lingerie. This is because many pieces are made from stretchy fabrics that don't offer much support for heavier breasts unless there's additional support built into the garment itself.

Do You Wear A Bra Or Panties With Bodysuit Lingerie?

The advantage to bodysuits is that you don't have to wear a bra or panties underneath, unlike traditional lingerie. While some women choose to wear nothing at all, it's generally recommended that you do wear something; otherwise, the fabric may irritate your skin. We suggest wearing a pair of thin panties with a cotton crotch (not mesh); they'll feel like air compared with other fabrics against your skin. Some women prefer not to wear any underwear at all because they say it creates an unwanted bulge in the torso area, but if you're concerned about this look for bodysuits with a front-closure panel so you can hide the panel behind your front closure when sitting down.

Can You Wear Bodysuit Lingerie If You Have Had A Child?

As a postpartum woman, you might be looking for comfortable lingerie that can accommodate your changing body. You may want to consider bodysuits since they are form-fitting and do not have an exposed seam at the waistline. The stretchy fabric will move with you as you move throughout the day and won't chafe or cut into sensitive areas like other undergarments can.

Bodysuits look especially nice under cardigans and jackets when worn in public. They are perfect for layering underneath other pieces of clothing such as sweaters or dresses because they offer some shaping without being restrictive. Many bodysuits contain built-in bras so there is no need to worry about purchasing additional underwear while pregnant or nursing. Bodysuit bras also come in larger cup sizes so women who need plus size lingerie can find something that fits well too.

How Do You Use The Washroom If You Are Wearing Bodysuit Lingerie?

Some bodysuits have an opening in the crotch area, so you can just pull down the front panel. But if yours doesn't, you may find that it's quite difficult to use the bathroom without exposing yourself. Many lingerie designers recommend using a sanitary napkin to cover your lap as you go to the bathroom – or even placing a small stool in front of you while you do your business. Alternatively, you could bring along some extra panties in case of an emergency (and change into them immediately after going potty).

It's important to note that this won't be possible for all bodysuit styles. Some are completely closed at the crotch and don't have any openings at all. Others do have openings but are still very close-fitting. If this is true for your specific garment, then we definitely recommend doing a trial run before wearing it out in public. Going through this process beforehand will help ensure that everything goes smoothly on your big night!

Can You Wear Bodysuit Lingerie To A Club?

If you're keen to show off your figure and are confident about the way you look, then why not? If you want to feel extra sexy but still keep warm, opt for a bodysuit with long-sleeved shirt or shrug. Just make sure it's an appropriate club wear colour; black is best. Be warned though - if your outfit includes lots of skin-tight fabric, it could get chilly in any environment.
A body stocking is a great option if you want to show off your curves without revealing too much flesh. Wear yours under a chiffon blouse with flared skirt and pumps for that '60s screen siren look that every party needs.

How Do You Put On Bodysuit Lingerie?

Most bodysuits have a bra-style back, and while they look great worn on their own, you can also wear them under dresses and blouses for extra support. To put on a bodysuit, start by slipping it over your head so that the cups are facing inwards. Next, lift your arms up to bend at the elbows and bring each arm through one of the shoulder straps. Gently pull down both arms until the side seams are flat against your body. Finally, adjust the fit by tugging gently on the bottom hem. If you're wearing a push-up bra with your bodysuit, slip it on last to ensure maximum comfort and coverage in all sizes above AA cup size.

Can You Wear Bodysuit Lingerie With A Smaller Breasts Size?

If you have a smaller bra size, it can be tricky to find lingerie that fits properly. If you are in the A cup range, look for bodysuits and bras with stretchy side panels so that your breasts don't feel constricted. If you're in the AA or AAA cup range, look for stretchy fabrics like cotton or Lycra to accommodate your smaller bust size. You may also want to consider styles with convertible straps as they give you more support compared to spaghetti straps without adding any additional bulkiness under your arms.

It is important to note that a bodysuit won't give exactly the same type of support as a bra designed specifically for your breast size unless it has padding or cups built in, so keep that in mind if you need something super supportive.

What Is The Best Fabric For Bodysuit Lingerie?

Bodysuits are often made out of a blend of two fabrics; one will be stretchy and soft, while the other will give it structure and shape. Some bodysuits are completely sheer and require lining, but many are opaque with a slight transparency that lets your skin show through.

Cotton is a popular choice for bodysuit fabric because it's breathable and has good stretch. It doesn't wrinkle easily, so you'll have fewer wardrobe malfunctions when you wear cotton bodysuits. Cotton also has good recovery, which means after stretching it won't lose its shape like some synthetics do.

You can get cotton blends in solid colors or prints that mimic any season's trends. Other common bodysuit materials include polyester, rayon, wool, spandex/elastane blends, silk and modal (a type of rayon derived from beech trees). Most of these fabrics come in solids or patterns. For example if you want to wear something under your favorite sheath dress, choose a solid-colored cotton or cotton blend for the best look under lighter-colored clothing. If on the other hand you're looking for something to wear underneath a printed sweater or pantsuit then go with a patterned fabric like digital print chiffon or leopard print satin.


The best lingerie bodysuit is one that has a high quality fabric, supportive design and a flattering cut. Look for materials like cotton or silk with a stretchy, yet snug fit. Make sure the neckline isn't too low cut or revealing as this could cause discomfort when wearing it daily. Invest in your favorite pair of bodysuits to ensure they last longer so you can get more wears out of them! With all these criteria in mind, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your wardrobe!

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