The best weighted sleep sacks are designed to soothe, calm, and relax children at the end of a long day. The weight helps relieve stress on joints as well as pressure on the spine and can be especially helpful for those who have sensory processing disorder or suffer from anxiety.

The right weighted sleep sack should feel comfortable yet snug without being too tight. It's also important that they are machine-washable so you don't need to worry about hand-washing them yourself. We've taken into account all ages and sizes when reviewing these products so that there is something for everyone in your family.

If your child has sensory processing disorder, it means their brain is over-reacting to stimuli coming into their body through sight, sound, touch, smell, or taste. This can make everyday situations more stressful than others might find them such as going to school or sleeping at night. The deep pressure touch stimulation provided by a weighted sleep sack can help ground them back into reality and bring them some comfort during these times which is why they're great for calming even the most nervous of kids down before bedtime or naptime.

How We Choose

A sleep sack (or swaddle) is a wearable blanket that helps calm babies and aid in sleep. It's essentially a glorified swaddling blanket, but with straps so it can be worn like a sleeping bag.

The concept is similar to that of an infant sling—it keeps baby warm and contained while freeing up your hands. But unlike slings, which are only helpful when you're holding your baby, sleep sacks can be worn safely while you're sleeping too.

We believe every baby should have one! However, not all weighted sleep sacks are created equal...

Nested Bean Gently Weighted Sleep Sack

The Nested Bean Zen Sack is a great option for parents looking to get their baby used to sleeping in a sack without having to use it right away. It's made from 100% cotton and has a TOG rating of 0.5, which means it's perfect for year-round comfort.

The bag has two different ways of closing so you can zip it closed from the bottom or the top, making it easy to change diapers or feed your baby if they wake up during the night. The handles on either side make it easy to carry around and makes for a comfortable sleep environment for your baby.

It also comes with its own wearable blanket that grows with your child so you don't have to buy another one until they're older and need more room inside their sack.


The Dreamland Baby Sleep Sack is a great option for parents who want to ensure their baby gets a good night's sleep. This weighted sleep sack has been designed with gentle weight that simulates the feeling of being held and can be adjusted to provide additional support when your baby is lying on their tummy.

The cotton blend material feels soft against your skin and doesn't constrict movement, making it ideal for swaddling or sleeping in bed with you. The 2-way zipper makes diaper changes easy and the front (or top) only gently weights the front of the sack so your baby will still feel close but not suffocated.

It comes in a variety of different colors and patterns and we especially like the white with grey stars version as it looks classic yet modern at the same time.

TotAha Gentle Weighted Sleep Sack

The TotAha Baby Sleep Sack is a great option for new parents. It's made from 100% organic cotton and features double shoulder snaps to ensure a secure fit.

The gentle weighted design provides warmth without adding bulk or weight, making it ideal for cold winter nights. The two-way zipper makes diaper changes easy and the interior zipper guard prevents scratches and irritation on your baby's skin.

This swaddle blanket also comes in sizes 0-6 months, 6-15 months, and 15-24 months so you can find the right size for your baby now, not when they're older.

Super Soft and Warm Baby Sleeping Bag

The Luv4babe 12-18 months sleep sack is a great option for parents on the hunt for an organic cotton baby sleep sack. Made from 100% organic cotton, this wearable blanket is gentle on your little one's skin and will keep them snug and warm during those chilly winter nights.

The bell-shaped bottom provides ample room for movement of their legs, ensuring proper hip development. The unisex size means it fits both boys and girls, making it perfect as a gift or addition to your own bedtime routine. The zip protectors provide extra safety by preventing chafing and make nappy changing easier, while the two-way zipper makes diaper changes even easier.

This gently weighted baby sleep sack comes in sizes 6-12 months (small), 12-18 months (medium) and 18-36 months (large), so you can be sure that it fits your child well regardless of growth spurts or weight fluctuations. It's also machine washable making cleanup a breeze after multiple washes easy peasy!

DANDMLLC Weighted Wearable Blanket

The DANDMLLC Organic Jersey Cotton Sleep Sack is a great choice for parents who want to keep their baby's skin safe and happy. This sleep sack features organic cotton, beads that are filled with gentle weighted fill, and a two-way zipper for easy diaper access.

The long sleeve and roomy leg openings make it easy to wear over a onesie or pajamas, so you can have peace of mind knowing your little one is cozy all night long. The fact that this swaddle can be worn over a onesie makes it perfect for those cold winter nights when you're staying in to keep warm!

It's machine washable so you don't have to worry about any stains or damage from the washer - just toss it in the wash and let it air dry when you're done. And at just under $60, this sleep sack is incredibly affordable considering how well made it is.

Weighted Sleep Sack FAQs

There are a lot of questions about sleep sacks, and we know that it can be tough to find the right answers.

You probably want to make sure you're getting the best product for your needs, but with all of the different products and brands out there, how do you know where to start? We've written this guide packed with information about weighted sleep sacks so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing one for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

How Heavy Should A Weighted Sleep Sack Be?

The weight of a weighted sleep sack can make all the difference in how well it works for you or your loved one and what kind of results you get. Generally speaking, the heavier a weighted sleep sack is, the better it's going to work. However, choosing an overly heavy option may be too much for your child to wear while they're awake and moving around. It may also cause them to overheat or feel uncomfortable when they're trying to sleep. For adults with anxiety disorders, choosing a lightweight option that won't weigh them down as they move throughout their day can help them stay active without feeling weighed down during their nap time.

The ideal weight range for most adults is between 3 lbs and 5 lbs. Children typically require up to 2 lbs of pressure; any more often causes discomfort rather than relief, so look for options designed with smaller weights in mind.

When Can I Put My Baby In A Weighted Sleep Sack?

It is recommended that you wait until your baby can roll over unaided before putting them in a weighted sleep sack. This way, if they start to fuss or wake up at any time during the night, they will be able to roll over and change positions as needed without being in danger of getting trapped by the weight of the sleep sack. As long as your child is old enough to roll over on their own without assistance, it's safe to put them in a weighted sleep sack.

You don't have to use a sleep sack if you are concerned about your baby overheating, but remember that babies should always be wrapped up lightly when they are being carried in a sling or car seat. Experts recommend using blankets with care, as it can be too hot for them in the early months.

If you do want to use a sleep sack, choose one that is lightweight and breathable, like cotton or muslin. If your baby is over 6 months old and gets hot easily, consider choosing one with additional ventilation panels under the arms – this will allow them to cool down without having to take the whole thing off.

Can Babies Roll Over In A Weighted Sleep Sack?

Babies can roll over in a weighted sleep sack if it is not properly secured. However, the added weight discourages rolling and is more likely to keep babies on their back while they sleep. The heaviness of the weight also makes it difficult for them to raise their heads unless they are lying on their stomachs.

If you're concerned about your baby rolling over, consider choosing a model that has lock-off straps or comes with supplemental Velcro ties so you can secure it around their waist and upper torso. This will ensure that any movement is minimal and they don't roll onto their stomachs while sleeping in it.

Do Babies Sleep Better With Weighted Sleep Sacks?

Babies sleep better when they're snuggled up in a blanket, but blankets can be hard to regulate just right. Unlike blankets, weighted sleep sacks provide consistent pressure around the torso and legs while your baby sleeps. This extra pressure is reportedly calming for babies, who often feel distressed by their inability to move freely while sleeping.

Not all sleep sacks are weighted though and not all weighted sleep sacks are effective. The best weighted sleep sacks are those that feature adjustable weights so you can customize the amount of pressure your baby feels as he or she sleeps. You should also look for breathable fabrics like cotton and polyester so your baby doesn't overheat while wearing the sack.

In addition to being well-made and comfortable, a good weighted sleep sack will help prevent common movement disorders such as plagiocephaly (also called flat head syndrome). Plagiocephaly occurs when babies spend too much time on their backs in one position during naps and bedtime; it's characterized by an asymmetrical skull shape with a flattened spot on top or one side of their head. While there is no cure for plagiocephaly, wearing a properly fitted weighted sleep sack helps distribute force evenly across your baby's body as he or she sleeps which may improve his or her condition over time.

Can 3 Month Old Wear Weighted Sleep Sack?

The short answer is yes, if your baby can fit inside it. We recommend that you only use a weighted sleep sack on babies who are large enough to crawl well because the risk of suffocation is high otherwise. While some manufacturers advertise their products as suitable for newborns, we don't think this is a good idea because a newborn baby will likely be too small for any of the three-to-six month size sacks and may not be able to bend their arms enough to get in.

If you want to get your baby started with one early, however, make sure the sleep sack fits well so it doesn't slide around too much when they move in their sleep. You'll probably need help getting it on initially and should monitor them closely afterwards so they don't roll over onto their stomach or twist up inside it; if they do manage to free themselves from the weight inside the sleep sack, they could choke on it since they're used to having something in their mouth while sleeping.

Are Weighted Sleep Sacks Safe For Tummy Sleepers?

Yes, weighted sleep sacks are safe for tummy sleepers. The weight inside the sack is evenly distributed along the length of your child's body, so there is no pressure on any one area. It also means that your baby can't roll onto their stomach and get buried under the weight of a blanket or stuffed animal. The fill power (or density) of the fabric used to make a sleep sack matters because it affects how much heat-trapping air space there is inside the garment. This in turn affects how easily your baby overheats while they're sleeping, as well as how quickly their body temperature cools when they wake up after a self-soothing interval.

If you have concerns about SIDS prevention but still want to let your little one stretch out while they're sleeping, you can use a flat pack n play mattress with them instead (or in addition to) using a weighted sleep sack.

Can You Wash Weighted Sleep Sacks?

While it's recommended that you spot clean a weighted sleep sack whenever possible rather than washing the entire thing, if you really need to wash your product in its entirety, it can be done. It may damage the product somewhat and reduce its effectiveness over time, but if you absolutely must do this, the best way is by hand washing in cold water with mild soap. Don't use hot water or put any part of the weighted sleep sack in the dryer! If you follow these guidelines carefully and gently, your weighted sleep sack should last for quite some time.

Do Babies Arms Get Cold In Sleep Sacks?

Babies need to be kept warm when they are sleeping as their bodies can cool down quickly. You'll want to keep them in a sleep sack so that they don't get too hot, or too cold.

You may be wondering if babies get cold while sleeping inside the sleep sacks and how best to keep them warm without overheating them. Babies have a better sense of feeling than adults do, and they can feel the drafts from open windows or doors. They also lose body heat faster through their heads because it's such a larger surface area compared to their small bodies.

When choosing a baby sleep sack, look for one with additional padding around the shoulders and arms so that your baby stays warmer and more comfortable during their slumber. The armholes should also be wide enough that your baby can use its hands easily for self-soothing purposes like sucking on its fingers or clenching ics clinched toys .

Do Sleep Sacks Restrict Growth?

Sleep sacks were originally designed to keep babies warm, but they also have the benefit of helping them feel safe and secure, which is why many parents use them for naps as well.

The concern about restricting growth is valid since sleep sacks are similar to swaddling in that they restrict movement, although some modern designs actually allow for more freedom of movement than a traditional swaddle. That said, we found that most parents choose their sleep sacks based on comfort and warmth rather than mobility. Most experts agree it's best to choose a good-quality sleep sack made from soft cotton; these will be easier for your baby to move around in without causing any undue restriction.


Choosing the right weighted sleep sack is an important decision for parents of children with special needs. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. Our team understands this challenge and has done extensive research to find the best products available. We have also taken into account customer reviews and ratings as well as price points when making our selections. Rest assured that you are in good hands when choosing from our recommended options!

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