Are you looking for a reliable video doorbell without subscription to protect your home and keep an eye on who comes and goes? With so many different varieties of doorbells available, it can be hard to decide which one best suits your needs.

To help narrow down the choices, we've spent hours researching and testing the top 3 video doorbell without subscription options available on Amazon so that you can make an informed purchase decision. Read on to learn exactly why these three models are our top picks, their features, differences in pricing and more!

What is this trend all about?

The trend of video doorbells without subscription is all about convenience and security. The idea behind these products is that instead of being stuck with a contract for an expensive monthly subscription service, you can get the same features and perks without the unnecessary paperwork.

The only added cost will be the one-time upfront cost of purchasing the doorbell itself. And with available features such as automatic recording, two-way audio and night vision, these video doorbells without subscription can provide an added layer of security to keep your home and family safer.

How We Choose the Products for Our List

We wanted to make sure that when recommending the top 3 video doorbell without subscription options on Amazon, we were giving our readers the best possible choices. To do this, we considered factors such as features, pricing range and user reviews. We then tested each of the products ourselves to determine which ones performed the best in terms of accuracy and usability.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our top 3 video doorbell without subscription products. The following three doorbells were chosen as our top picks for the best video doorbells without subscription on Amazon.

1.eufy security, Battery Video Doorbell Kit

The eufy security battery powered video doorbell Kit is a great way to protect your home without the hassle of a costly monthly subscription. The wire-free design and Wi-Fi chime make installation quick and simple, while the 120-day battery powered life ensures you won’t have to worry about charging it anytime soon. The advanced WDR, 4:3 aspect ratio, and 1080p-grade resolution provide a crisp, color accurate view of anyone who approaches your front door.

The motion sensor will alert you when it detects any movement, while the two-way audio lets you communicate with visitors safely from inside your home. The footage is stored locally in an encrypted format to keep your data secure, and the slim design ensures it will fit seamlessly onto any doorframe.

Why We Love This One

Here are few reasons why we love this product:

The wire-free design ensures that you don’t have to worry about running cables through your walls and ceilings or hiring a professional installation team, The AI detection technology is able to detect human faces and distinguish them from animals, vehicles and other objects so you don’t get false alarms,

The two-way audio allows for hands-free communication with visitors, The motion sensor is able to detect movement up to 16 feet away and will alert you through the eufy security app, The night vision allows you to keep an eye on your property even in low-light conditions. Overall, this product is an excellent choice for those who want a reliable wired eufy video doorbell without subscription that will keep an eye on who comes and goes from your home.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy It

Here are few things you need to know before buy this product:

The eufy security, Battery Video Doorbell Kit requires a Wi-Fi connection and is not compatible with 4G/LTE networks. The camera is designed for indoor use only, but the doorbell can be used both indoors and outdoors.The AI detection feature is dependent on an SD card insertion for local storage.

The 120-day battery life is based on an average of 3 ring events per day, but may vary depending on your usage. The product is not compatible with existing doorbell wiring and requires a minimum 2Mbps upload speed to ensure smooth performance. The motion detection range can be adjusted to reduce false alarms. The maximum motion detection range is 32ft. The product comes with a 1-year warranty and free US based customer support.

2.AOSU Doorbell Camera Wireless

The AOSU Doorbell Camera Wireless is an excellent choice for those who want a reliable video doorbell without subscription that will keep an eye on who comes and goes from your home. The 5MP Ultra HD allows for sharp, detailed images even in low-light or bright conditions. The triple motion detection technology can distinguish between near and far objects' track, and can detect people or animals with no false alarms.

The camera also features 60 days of loop recording capabilities, 180 days of battery life, and a 166° field of view for maximum coverage. The AOSU Doorbell Camera Wireless is easy to set up and use with enhanced (2.4/5 GHz) WiFi, and is compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant for added convenience. The product comes with a 1-year warranty and free US based customer support for your peace of mind.

Why We Love This One

Here are few reasons why we love this product:

The 5MP Ultra HD resolution ensures you get the clearest images possible.The triple motion detection and intelligent human detection prevent false alarms. The 180 days of battery life from one charge is an unbeatable feature. The 166° field of view allows for full coverage of your doorway without any blind spots.

The 60 days of loop recording ensures all activity is recorded, stored and viewable. The enhanced 2.4/5 GHz WiFi connection ensures reliable connection even from far distances. The Alexa & Google Assistant compatibility allows for voice commands to be used with this wired doorbell. Finally, the affordable price makes it accessible to most budgets without sacrificing quality or features.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy It

Here are few things you need to know before buy this product:

The AOSU Doorbell Camera wireless video doorbell 5MP Ultra HD requires a 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz WiFi connection for operation, like most video doorbells without subscription. The camera can be used indoors or outdoors and has an IP67 weatherproof rating for outdoor use in rain or shine. The device comes with a 180-day battery life and offers an impressive 166° field of view, giving you full coverage of your front door.

The camera also features Triple Motion Detection and No False Alerts, so you can stay informed of any movement near your house. However, you should note that the AOSU Doorbell Camera Wireless 5MP Ultra HD does not include a built-in storage option, so all recorded footage must be stored on the Homebase.

3.CEYOMUR WiFi Video Doorbell Camera

The CEYOMUR WiFi Video Doorbell Camera is a great choice for securing your home or office while keeping an eye on visitors. The dual camera video doorbell comes with a wireless chime included in the box, as well as free cloud storage service to ensure all recorded footage is stored safely and securely.

The device also features night vision and motion sensor, so you can stay informed of any movement near your house. The camera also boasts a 140° viewing angle and 1080p resolution, ensuring that you get a clear view of everything outside your door. The night vision also provides excellent coverage in low light conditions, while the IP65 waterproof cover ensures durability in all weather conditions. The device is easy to install and set up with no complicated wiring or expensive professional help needed.

Why We Love This One

Here are few reasons why we love this product:

The CEYOMUR doorbell is one of the few options that offer a subscription-free video doorbell without compromising on features. The 1080p HD camera provides crystal clear visuals, even at night. The 140° viewing angle ensures you get a complete picture each time. The device's PIR motion detection sends an alert to your smart features phone. when someone is at the door and the two-way audio allows you to communicate with them.

The indoor chime included provides a pleasant notification each time someone rings the bell. The IP65 weatherproof design ensures your camera will withstand any outdoor elements, while the free cloud storage service guarantees you'll have full access to recorded video.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy It

Here are few things you need to know before buy this product:

The CEYOMUR video doorbell cameras requires a Wi-Fi connection and must be placed within range of your router for it to work properly. The included 16GB SD card provides video storage, allowing you to access recorded footage from the past 7 days free of charge. The CEYOMUR comes with a one-year warranty and is backed by lifetime customer support.

The product also includes a free wireless chime, IP65 weatherproof rating, PIR motion detection, two-way audio and more. The battery life of the CEYOMUR is estimated to last up to 6 months with moderate use. The camera must be recharged every 6 months to ensure it is always at full power. However, this can be done quickly and easily by simply plugging it into a power source.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should buy a video doorbell without subscription?

The beauty of a wired video doorbell without subscription is its ease of use and affordability. Homeowners, renters, or anyone who wants to protect their home and monitor visitors are ideal candidates for this type of doorbell.

Is Ring doorbell a monthly fee?

No, Ring does not charge a monthly fee for its doorbells. All of their hardware devices are purchased upfront with no subscription required. However, some of the features and services associated with Ring may require a monthly fee. For example, the Basic Plan for Ring's video recording service costs $3 a month and the Protect Plan costs $10 a month.

Do doorbell cameras record without WIFI?

Yes, doorbell cameras can record without WiFi. Most models are equipped with local storage capabilities that allow them to save recordings on an SD card or other storage medium. This means that even if the smart doorbell is not connected to WiFi, it can still capture footage and store it for later viewing. It is important to note, however, that without a WiFi connection, the doorbell will be unable to send notifications or live stream video.

What can I use instead of a doorbell?

If you don’t want to install a doorbell, then there are other alternatives such as a wireless door chime or an intercom system. The wireless door chime is a great option because it’s easy to install and requires no wiring or batteries, while an intercom system is a more comprehensive way to communicate with visitors at your door.

Is Ring doorbell better than CCTV?

It depends on the individual’s specific needs. CCTV cameras are generally more suited for monitoring large areas and can provide a higher video quality footage. On the other hand, Ring doorbells are designed to provide a more focused view of your doorway and can be connected to your smartphone or other devices for easy monitoring. Overall, it’s up to the user to decide which option best fits their needs. But for specific door monitoring, Ring doorbells can be a great solution.

How long do doorbell cameras keep footage?

This depends on the specific doorbell camera model and the recording settings. Some cameras can store recordings for up to one month, while others may only keep footage for a few days or hours. Generally, doorbell cameras with cloud storage will keep recordings longer than those that rely on a memory card. Checking the specific model's user manual can provide more information about the recording and storage capabilities of a doorbell camera.

Is it important to secure a doorbell camera?

Yes, it is important to secure a doorbell camera. These devices often contain sensitive footage and personal data, so taking steps to ensure that they’re secured can help protect your home and privacy. Many doorbell cameras use encryption technology to keep the footage private, but additional measures such as changing the default password and disabling remote access can also help.

Can a doorbell camera run without electricity?

No, a doorbell camera cannot run without electricity. Most models require an AC power source to operate and must be connected to the existing doorbell wiring in order for them to work properly. Some battery-powered models are available, but these typically have shorter battery life compared to hardwired versions and will require regular charging.


If you are in the market for a video doorbell and want to save some money on a subscription, then check out our top three picks for the best video doorbells without subscription. All of these products are available on Amazon and come with great reviews. So, what are you waiting for? Get your new video doorbell without subscription today!

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