Perhaps the most important part of choosing the right pair of swimming goggles is finding a set that fits your face well. Swimming can be hard on goggles, causing them to crack or break if they don't fit right. Even if you have a favorite pair, it's good to have an extra set so you're never left without while waiting for your primary pair to dry out.

Swimming with regular glasses just isn't practical—they're often too big and can easily slip off your face as you move through the water. Fortunately, many companies are now making swim goggles that come with nose covers so you can seal out all the pool germs. You'll still want another pair without this cover for when you switch between swimming laps and resting, but having one without a nose cover will keep the bacteria at bay while you're in the pool.

How We Choose

We looked at a variety of different factors when deciding which swimming goggles to recommend. We considered things like the type and shape of goggle, as well as the material it is made from. We also looked at things like UV protection and fogproofing features, as well as any additional features that might be useful for certain situations (such as swimming in dark waters). Finally, we took customer reviews into consideration—we want our readers to be happy with their purchase!


The AQUA A DIVE Sports M308 is a great choice for snorkeling and diving. It's made from polycarbonate and silicone, so it's durable yet comfortable to wear.

The 180-degree field of view is wide enough to see underwater without losing any peripheral vision, while the anti-fog lenses ensure clear visibility even in choppy water. The elastic strap on the back ensures a secure fit, while the double-layer waterproof design prevents water from leaking in.

The mask also comes with one year of warranty coverage and can be replaced if there are any issues with it during that time period. Overall, this is a high quality dive mask that will keep you safe while you explore the ocean floor or dive into murky waters.

Seago Kids Swim Goggles Snorkel Diving Mask

The Seago Kids Snorkel Mask is a great choice for children aged five to fifteen. This mask has a simple design that makes it easy to use and comfortable to wear. The 180-degree panoramic view lets you see everything around you, while the anti-fog lens ensures clear vision underwater.

The silicone rubber strap keeps water from leaking onto your face, and the soft nose cover helps prevent pressure from building up in your sinuses when you're swimming or snorkeling. The goggles are also lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it easy for kids of all ages to enjoy their time in the water.

These goggles have been designed with safety in mind, ensuring that no glass shatters if they fall into the water unexpectedly. They're perfect for beginners looking to get started with snorkeling or scuba diving without having any issues with leaks or discomfort.

Swim Goggles for Adults with Nose Cover

The Micisty Snorkel Mask is a great choice for beginners. It has an adjustable strap that makes it easy to put on and take off, and the lens is made from shatterproof glass so you won't have any issues with breakage.

The goggles also come with anti-fog stickers, which are easy to remove if they start to hinder your vision. The lenses are also scratch resistant, making them perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving. The only downside of this mask is that it can be a little tight around the face, but once you get used to wearing it, it will become second nature and provide excellent protection against water splashes while swimming or snorkeling.

Overall we think this is a great option for beginners who want to try out snorkeling without having to shell out hundreds of dollars on a full set up right away. If you end up not enjoying it then you can always sell the mask on eBay and use the money towards something else more suited towards your needs!

Dive Mask Adult with Nose Cover for Diving

The EXP Vision Snorkel Mask Panoramic HD is a great choice for anyone looking to explore the underwater world. This mask has a dual lens design that provides a wide-angle view, allowing you to see more of the underwater world. It's also made with 100% liquid silicone and tempered glass lenses, ensuring your safety while you're snorkeling or diving.

This scuba diving mask has an adjustable headband that ensures a comfortable fit for most users. The 180° wide-angle lens design offers a wider field of view, which makes it perfect for beginners who want to explore the depths safely. The soft liquid silicone strap and skirt mold to your face shape, leaving no marks on your face and making it leak-free for almost any face shape and head size.

The EXP Vision Snorkel Mask Panoramic HD is available in black red, black white, blue green yellow orange purple pink – so there's sure to be one that suits your style! We recommend this mask especially if you're swimming or snorkeling as it will provide excellent visibility without being too bulky or heavy on your face - making it perfect for those new to scuba diving or just wanting to try out snorkling!

Swimming Goggles With Nose Cover FAQs

There are a lot of questions when it comes to choosing the right pair of goggles, especially if you're not sure where to start!

It can be tough to know which features and benefits matter most. There could also be some concerns that linger in your mind, like worries about swimming with your nose covered or having trouble figuring out how to put on goggles. Don't worry! We've created a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions about swimmer's goggles with nose covers so you can feel confident in your next purchase.

Why Are Goggles With Nose Piece Not Allowed?

The nose piece on goggles can be helpful for people who have facial injuries or those who have lots of ear or neck piercings, but it can also create a seal between the goggle and your face that prevents air from escaping. This creates suction that can actually draw water into the goggle. Plus, if you wear contact lenses with your goggles, then there's no way for water to escape if they become sealed shut.

If you're technically savvy, you can buy nose-less goggles specifically made to prevent suction without covering your nose. However, most budget-friendly goggles don't come with this feature and some may not even comply with new U.S. standards on how they function in general.

What Is An Optical Swim Goggle?

An optical swim goggle is a type of goggle that has lenses built right into the frame. These are often called frameless goggles as they don't have a solid plastic or rubber frame around the outside of the lens like traditional goggles do.

Instead, they're made from materials like silicone and flexible urethane to ensure comfort and durability while you swim lap after lap. Optical swim goggles are designed to fit securely close to your face without feeling tight or causing leaking, so you can focus on your race instead of your goggle seal.

What Is The Difference Between Snorkel Mask And Goggles?

The primary difference between snorkel masks and goggles is the way they seal against your face. Goggles usually sit on top of your nose and cheekbones, with either a silicone or foam seal around the edge of the frame to prevent water from leaking in.

On the other hand, snorkel masks have a built-in “pillow” that wraps around your nose to create a seal. Many people find this design more comfortable because it spreads out the pressure across your face instead of concentrating it on one spot.

What Are Anti Fog Swimming Goggles?

Anti fog swimming goggles are specially designed goggles that reduce the amount of condensation on the lenses, keeping your vision clear for much longer.

While many swimming goggles have ventilation holes at the top and bottom of each lens to help prevent fogging, this is only effective if there's good circulation of air inside the pool or water chamber. If you're doing a vigorous workout such as a lap swim or triathlon, your face will be pressed firmly against the goggle frame, restricting airflow and causing fogging within minutes.

Anti-fog swimming goggles feature tiny chambers filled with an absorbent material that draws moisture away from your eyes. This usually lasts throughout your entire session and in some cases up to 24 hours afterward too!

Is It Safe To Wear Glasses Under Goggles?

It is safe to wear glasses under goggles as long as you choose a goggle that has room for eyeglasses. Most snow goggles have space in the frame, so you can wear your regular glasses without them getting in the way. Snow goggles that are specifically designed for people who need corrective lenses have inserts or a groove built into the frame to hold your eyeglasses in place.

Choosing between regular frames and goggle frames when choosing new eyeglasses might seem like an easy decision, but it's not. Regular eyeglass frames don't always fit well under snow goggles because many pairs don't have the thinner wire gasket found on most ski googles. Moreover, traditional glasses tend to get scratched and foggy inside snow goggles anyway due to their thin plastic lenses.

As long as you buy good-quality ski or snowboarding goggles with enough room for your regular glasses, it's fine to wear both at once. You may want to bring extra contact lenses or another pair of backup glasses if you're going on a long trip though, just in case something goes wrong with your main pair while out on the slopes.

How Do I Know If My Swimming Goggles Are Good?

There are a few things that you can look for when trying to decide whether your goggles are good. First, make sure they seal well against your face so water doesn't leak in and drain your energy unnecessarily. A good seal also ensures that the goggles won't irritate or chafe your skin. Second, look at the lenses to see if they're clear and free of scratches. Third, check how easily you can adjust the fit on your goggle straps by looking for movable parts that allow you to tighten or loosen them with ease.

Are Prescription Swim Goggles Worth It?

When you're going for a swim, it's important that you can clearly see underwater. If you have contact lenses, then wearing prescription goggles is a must to ensure your eyes are protected at all times.

While there are some non-prescription swim goggles available on the market that claim to offer UV protection and improved vision, these will never be as effective as genuine prescription goggles.

If you wear contacts but don't wear glasses outside of the pool, then it's worth investing in prescription swim goggles so that your eyes feel safe while swimming laps or taking part in water games with the kids.


The best swimming goggles with nose cover provide comfort and protection while swimming. They come in a variety of styles and sizes so you can find one that fits you perfectly. Some even have anti-fog technology to prevent misting up when swimming. Additionally, the nose covers are made out of soft materials such as silicone or rubber for added comfort around the nose area. Swimming goggles with nose covers are an excellent choice if you want to ensure your eyesight is protected while swimming.

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