Flying an American flag is a timeless way to show pride in the country — and there are many different sizes, materials, and styles of flags available. While larger flags may be more eye-catching, smaller flags have their own place as well. Smaller American flags are often used to decorate government buildings or commercial businesses. They can also be placed indoors at home on a table or hung on a wall.

When shopping for small American flags, it's important to consider the materials they're made from as well as how big they are and how they hang when not mounted on a pole. Many smaller versions of traditional-sized flags are made with lighter material that allows them to fly easily but can cause them to become tattered over time if not cared for properly. A flag that has been sewn together rather than printed with ink can last longer due to fewer creases being formed during the manufacturing process but may cost a bit more money in return.

How We Choose

We looked at a variety of factors when choosing the best American flags, including material, size, design and durability. We only chose flags made from high-quality materials that are big enough for casual display. We also checked the designs to make sure they were eye-catching and original. Finally, we considered how long each flag would last under normal use so you can be satisfied with your purchase for as long as possible.

Uelfbaby 12 Pack Small American Flags on Stick

The Uelfbaby Flags are a great way to show off your patriotism this summer. These flags are made of polyester with full-color print, not easy to tear and also waterproof and easy to clean.

These flags come in packs of 12, so you can have plenty on hand for any outdoor event that you're planning. They have the classic traditional spear top without the dangerous sharp point, making them kid-safe as well.

The Uelfbaby Flags make for a great addition to any backyard or patio party, Memorial Day Decorations or 4th of July celebrations. These flags are perfect for garden and office use too - they have the classic traditional spear top without the dangerous sharp point - making it easy to keep things neat and tidy!

100 Pack Small 4x6 American Flags on Stick

The Uelfbaby American Flags on Sticks are a great way to show your patriotism and support for the USA. These mini flags are perfect for decorating around your home, or using at parades and other events.

They come in packs of 100, each measuring 4 x 6 inches and featuring a spear top that is kid-safe. They're made of polyester with full-color print, not easy to tear and also waterproof and easy to clean. The pack comes with 100 flags, which should last you through multiple uses without needing replacement.

These mini flags are great for Memorial Day celebrations, Veteran parties, patriotic decorations or any other event where you want to show your love for America. They're also perfect for garden decoration - they have the classic traditional spear top without the dangerous sharp point so it's safe for kids to play with too!

GIFTEXPRESS Proudly Made in U.S.A. Flags

The Collins Patriotic 4" x 6' Flag comes in at a very reasonable price for its high-quality construction. It's made of 100% cotton, so you won't have to worry about any damage if it gets wet or torn.

The spear tip is antique gold/bronze, and the flag comes on a 10" long natural wood staff. This makes it easy to display proudly wherever you want to show off your patriotism. You can use these flags to decorate for Independence Day, Memorial Day, Election day, Veteran's Day or any other day that you want to celebrate your national pride.

They also make great gifts for those who love their country and want something unique and special to show off their pride in America with.

Anley Double Sided Premium Garden Flag

Anley Garden Flag is a great choice for its high-quality construction and vibrant pattern. The flag is made of 100% polyester and has a three-month warranty. It's also resistant to water, so you can be sure it will last through any kind of weather.

The flag comes with a pole, but it isn't included in the price listed here - you'll have to purchase that separately if you want one. However, this does mean that the flag isn't as portable as some others on our list, which may limit its use in certain circumstances. Despite this, we still think Anley's garden flags are worth considering if you're looking for something with a bit more heft and durability than your average garden cloth.

It's not cheap by any means though – at over $8 per square foot these aren't exactly budget friendly!

Small American Flags FAQs

This is a curated list of the best Frequently Asked Questions about American flags.

We've included the most Frequently Asked Questions below, and have provided links to some of our most helpful responses.

Where Do You Put Small Flags?

When you're dealing with small flags, it's important to plan ahead. You don't want the wind to take your flag and whip it around dangerously—or damage the pole by leaving it stuck in the ground.

You can put small flags on a keychain if you like, but that's not going to be very secure or easy to access. Plus, it looks pretty silly when you're waving your little flag. It may seem obvious, but one of the best places for a small flag is on a lapel pin! If you have any of these lying around from political rallies or other events where they give them out as souvenirs, stick one on and you'll have instant flair!

Where Do You Put Small American Flags?

Traditionally, small American flags are displayed in a box or stand. There are many different styles of stands and boxes available to purchase, from budget-friendly options to more expensive and decorative choices. Some people enjoy collecting the flag boxes and stands that are made from a variety of materials including wood, metal, plastic and porcelain. Many prefer wooden boxes because they help protect the flag while still maintaining its classic look.

Plastic flag boxes tend to be less expensive but may not offer as much protection for the flag since they have no covering on top. Porcelain flags often cost more than other types but may last for several years with proper care since these materials do not absorb water like plastic does. Metal is another popular material for flag holders since it is sturdy enough to hold heavier flags without tipping over easily.

Some choose to create their own display with supplies they already have on hand such as an old picture frame or box that holds magazines or other items in a home library or office setting. You can place small American flags into a bowl or vase alongside colorful flowers, meaningful stones and other patriotic decorations throughout the year for Memorial Day celebrations, July 4th festivities and beyond as well if you want something festive yet simple in design.

What Is The Proper Way To Display A US Flag?

There is a flag code, and it's worth reading. It will tell you that it's proper to display the US flag with another country's as part of a presentation of flags, such as at the Olympics or alongside state flags in parades. They should be separated by equal space and never shown below any other country's flag.

The code also suggests that an indoor flag display include just one flag per column, and an outdoor display use poles specially designed for holding US flags. These are metal or wood dowels with sharpened points to keep flags from touching the ground.

Is The American Flag On The Left Or Right?

The U.S. flag should be displayed with the star field or blue union on top, nearest the staff if possible, unless it is being flown with a other flags in an line; in that case, the American flag should be closest to the base of the staff — and no other way!

If you're displaying your flag from inside a building or from a handheld pole, then it must be displayed with the stars on top. If you're flying your flag outside on an outdoor pole, then it must be displayed with the white stripe on top.

What Is The Protocol If An American Flag Touches The Ground?

In the U.S., the flag should never touch the ground unless it is placed on a casket at a funeral. If you see an American flag touching the ground, be sure to pick it up immediately and straighten out any crumpled or torn areas. Then stand with your hand over your heart until the music or ceremony concludes. It is also proper to dip the U.S. flag as a sign of respect when passing a casket in church or at a funeral home, but it's important not to let it drag along the floor; instead, hold one corner securely in one hand while dipping down with your other hand (but don't snap it).

When an American flag needs cleaning, always do this by having a professional do it for you in order to preserve its fabric and symbolism. Never wash or dry clean an official U.S. flag because this damages its integrity; instead, purchase imitation flags that are made to be flown outdoors and used for ceremonial purposes only.

What Can I Do With A Small American Flag?

While the size of a small flag may make it seem somewhat insignificant, they are still made with the utmost care and attention to detail. So, when you receive your small flag, be sure you're taking proper care of it.

When you're not using your small American flag for an official ceremony, display it in a place of honor and respect. Whether that's on a wall or over your fireplace mantle is up to you. Just be sure that you properly fold your American flag after each use according to Department of Veterans Affairs guidelines so that the fabric doesn't wear down or fray. You can also store your small U.S. flag in a case if you prefer not to display it at all times so long as the conditions are ideal for preservation (humidity and temperature).

Can You Put Small American Flags In Ground?

It's a common misconception that you can't put small American flags in the ground because they won't stand up to wind and rain. The truth is that all U.S. flags are made with a cotton fabric called “phosphate,” which is treated to resist deterioration and rot in the elements.

Flags purchased from reputable manufacturers are all pre-treated, so there's no need to worry about damage if you choose to bury them in your yard or around the base of a tree. The only exception would be if your flag was used as part of a funeral ceremony – it may not hold up well interred underground for long periods of time.

What Are 3 Things One Should Never Do Out Of Respect To The Flag?

There are several rules and regulations pertaining to the proper treatment of the American flag, including the act of desecration, which is considered disrespectful. According to U.S. Flag Code, it is illegal to:

· Dip the flag in any kind of salute or salute any other type of flag (except when done according to military tradition). · Let the flag touch anything below it, including the ground and bodies of water. The only exception is for church services or memorial ceremonies aboard a ship. · Furl (wrap) the flag incorrectly by folding it in a triangle shape, starting with the blue stripe on top and then folding by lining up all three stars near the bottom point (the result should be neat triangle fold with only two visible stars).

Should American Flag Be Left Out In Rain?

Technically, no. The official guidelines from the U.S. Flag Code state that the American flag should not be exposed to rain or other forms of moisture unless it's an all-weather version. However, this can be a little confusing because there is no official definition for an all-weather flag and most people don't have one hanging in their home.

Technically, you can leave your regular American flag outside in light rain as long as it isn't immersed in water or extremely windy weather. If you want to make sure your flag lasts as long as possible, store it away from direct sunlight when not being displayed and keep it away from sharp objects and high winds so it doesn't get damaged by wear and tear over time.

What Are The Rules For Flying A Flag At Home?

There are no rules for flying a flag at home except that it should be done with respect and care, according to the U.S. Flag Code. It is traditional to fly an American flag outdoors high on top of a staff or pole; indoors in a vertical position if there is no staff available; and upside down as a signal of dire distress (as when a ship was being captured by pirates).

The U.S. Flag Code says that flags need to be changed regularly because sunlight and weather can damage them. If you're planning on displaying an American flag outside your home for more than a week, seek out advice from the nearest veteran's charity or museum about how best to do so safely and correctly, taking into consideration local weather conditions too.


Small American flags are available in a variety of sizes and colors. They can be displayed indoors or outdoors, making them an ideal option for many different types of customers. Whether you're looking for a decorative piece to add to your home or office, or need something more durable for outside use, there is sure to be an American flag that meets your needs. Additionally, small American flags come in many different styles so customers can find the one that best matches their preferences. With all these great features combined together, it's easy to see why small American flags make great options for both individuals and businesses alike!

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