Cats are hunters by nature, and that means they can eat as fast as they catch their food. Unfortunately, this often leads to weight problems in cats because they don't have a chance to feel full.

A slow feeder cat bowl is designed to help your kitty feel full after just a few bites of food so she doesn't overeat. By slowing down your cat's eating habits, you'll prevent her from gorging herself on too much food at once and possibly gaining excess pounds or even health issues such as heart disease or diabetes. It may take some time for your cat to adjust to the new pace of her eating routine, but it will be worth it when she no longer has belly bulges from being overweight.

These bowls come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the age and size of your furry friend. Some are made with materials that are easy to clean while others require more maintenance or dishwasher safe options for messes left behind by sloppy cats. A slow feeder cat bowl is an essential addition for every home with feline friends!

How We Choose

We know that not all cat owners want the same thing from a cat bowl. Some care more about preventing their cats from gulping too much water too quickly, while others are more interested in keeping their kitties entertained with a fancy shape or design. To find the best slow feeder cat bowls for you and your fur baby, we looked at dozens of popular products on Amazon to see what consumers were saying about them. We also read through expert reviews from trusted sources like The Kitchn and CNET to get their recommendations as well. With all this information in hand, we narrowed our list down only to those bowls that seemed to have good reviews and high customer satisfaction ratings while also offering different features like fun shapes or multiple compartments to keep kitty occupied longer.

2 Pack Cat Anti Gulping Pet Bowl

The Maitys cat puzzle feeder bowl is a good choice for owners who want to slow down their pet's mealtime habits. The fish bone-shaped bowl can be used with any of the other available versions, but the maze design does make it particularly effective at slowing your cat down.

The white and green polypropylene material is non-toxic and odorless, making it an ideal option for anyone who wants to use a safe product in the home. Any messes can be wiped away easily, and you don't need to worry about replacing this bowl as often as others on our list since it's designed not to break or chip easily.

On top of that, we like how this fish bone shaped bowl has four non-slip rubber feet on the bottom so that it doesn't move around too much during use even if your cat decides to test his new skills out on it!

Fish Pool Design Slow Feeder Bowl for Cats

The Cilkus Fish Bowl is a great choice for those looking to slow down their pet's feeding routine. This bowl offers a 6.2 inch diameter, making it ideal for most cats and small dogs. The fish pool design helps your pet learn how to eat slowly, which can help prevent them from gulping their food down too quickly and potentially getting impacted with an undigestible blockage.

The melamine material used on this feeder bowl is also BPA-free, meaning you don't have to worry about lead or other toxins leeching into your pet's food if they happen to knock it over while eating. It is important that you keep this feeder out of the reach of children though, as young children are at risk of hurting themselves if they accidentally drop it on the floor.

We liked that the Cilkus Fish Bowl has non-toxic edges and smooth sides, avoiding any potential scratches or cuts to your pet's mouth or tongue when they use it to eat. We also appreciated that this feeder was dishwasher safe - another perk for owners who want their pets' bowls cleaned up in one go each day!

Y YHY Cat Slow Feeder for Dry and Wet Food

The YHY Spill-Saver Cat Slow Feeder Bowl is a very simple and effective cat feeder. It's designed to stop cats flicking food out of bowls, so it does come at an additional cost in terms of design simplicity.

However, that simplicity is what makes this model great for preventing unwanted spills and messes – which is why we think it's the best option if you're looking for a spill-proof bowl. The YHY Spill-Saver Cat Slow Feeder Bowl will keep your kitty from knocking over his or her food while still allowing them to eat at their own pace.

That means you can rest easy knowing they're eating properly without any risk of health issues stemming from improperly fed pets. There's no way to adjust the angle on this model either, but we found that not really to be an issue because most cats tend to eat at roughly the same elevation anyway.

Fatcatjoy Slow Feeder Puzzle Gobble Stopper

The FatCatJoy Cat Slow Feeder is a large ceramic bowl that's designed with slow feeding in mind. The wide base means the FatCatJoy can hold even the fattest of kitties, while its thick rim ensures food doesn't spill over when it gets pushed along.

There's an interactive element too - you can use the wooden spoon/bones to help encourage your cat to eat at a slower pace, and it also comes with a filter to remove any remnants of bones or other potential hazards. This is one of the best cat bowls on the market overall.

Slow Feeder Cat Bowl FAQs

We've put together a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about slow feeder cat bowls so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your needs.

You'll find that people have lots of questions about these products, but luckily we've done the hard part and found the best answers to them all! With this information, you will be able to confidently choose the perfect product for your kitty.

Are Slow Feeders Good For Cats?

Cats can be quite a fussy bunch sometimes, which means that it can sometimes be hard to get them to eat something. That's why slow feeders are such a brilliant idea – they force your cat to really focus on eating the food, so it has time to actually enjoy it. While they won't solve any underlying problems with overeating or inappropriate in-bowl scavenging, we found that our cats sometimes paid more attention while eating when we used slow feeders.

We also found that many of the models we tested offered some kind of cat entertainment while they ate, whether it was balls that rolled around inside the bowl as your pet tried to get its dinner or floating mice toys just out of reach inside the unit. This kept our little testers busy and less bored while they dined, which is great news for their digestive health. As long as you choose one designed specifically for cats (most are), slow feeders can help keep your feline friend healthier and happier overall.

What Can I Put In My Cats Bowl To Slow Down Eating?

Cats can have a tendency to gulp their food down too quickly, which can lead to them feeling uncomfortably full and even developing stomach disorders. If you're concerned about your cat gulping down their food, there are several ways you can slow them down while they eat:

If you have more than one cat, it's best not to feed them at the same bowl as this can encourage competition and aggression between cats. Instead, provide each cat with their own individual bowl of food (but ensure they're not located in an exposed place where other animals may knock or steal the bowl).

As well as slowing your cat down while they eat, providing multiple bowls is also a good way of keeping each cat away from the other's litter tray after eating as it will take them longer to get there!

Another method that works well is using a water bottle; simply squirt some water into your cat's mouth while they're eating. This stops them from being able to eat large amounts of food at once and forces them to chew properly. You could also try placing something inside your cat's bowl such as a rock or block of cheese which makes it harder for them to scoop up all their food at once; again forcing them to slow down during meal times.

Do Slow Feeders Work For Wet Food?

Wet food is often much runnier than kibble, so it's less likely to get stuck in the toy. That said, we did find that wet cat food tends to run through the tubes a little more easily. If you're concerned about your cat getting too much wet food at once and getting fat as a result, consider mixing canned and dry varieties in with her regular feeding bowl or switching between different flavors of canned cat food over time.

In our tests, we found that it was easy for cats to push their way around the Slow feeders' maze of tubes since they were so eager to get their paws on the treats inside them. However, some cats may prefer not having access right away to all of their dinner and may need encouragement from you to work out how best to dig out each bite. Alternatively, if your cat struggles with mobility or suffers from joint pain, you might choose not to use a Slow feeder at all and simply stick with a classic dish that she can reach more easily by pawing at it with her front legs.

Do Slow Feeder Bowls Help?

Slow feeder bowls are specially designed to help bowl-trained dogs eat more slowly, which can reduce the risk of bloating. They're often recommended for dogs who gulp their food down too quickly and suffer from digestive issues as a result.

Slow feeder bowls work by releasing small amounts of food at a time so your dog doesn't feel overwhelmed by an overflowing bowl. This gives him or her time to savor the meal without eating it greedily in minutes.

The best slow feeder bowls will also elevate the bowl slightly off the floor so your pet has to sit up straight while eating (rather than lying flat on its stomach). This helps prevent gulping since he or she can't simply chow down while lying on their side.

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Eating So Fast?

This can be an annoying habit for pet owners to deal with, but it's especially problematic because eating too fast can lead to digestive distress in cats. You don't want your cat getting nauseous after a meal. The best way to teach your cat to slow down when eating is by serving meals on a flat plate or dish and putting something in the bowl that makes noise as the kitty eats. This may initially startle your cat, but if you do this gradually over time, she should get used to it and learn to eat more slowly.

Another option is using a timer or stopwatch set for three minutes; have someone hold the plate while you put one of these devices in front of your cat (with her food), then remove it after three minutes are up. Again, do this gradually over time so she doesn't associate you doing this with not getting any food at all!

Why Do Cats Eat So Fast They Throw Up?

It's normal for cats to eat their food quickly, but they don't usually bring up their meal afterwards. Cats have a special reflex that prevents them from choking on their food, and it also means they can get away quickly if there is an imminent threat (like another cat coming along).

Pellet-style cat foods are designed with this in mind, and the kibble size allows your cat to swallow without chewing. The excess air in the stomach means the kitty won't feel full either – until it has eaten all its food anyway!

If your cat does throw up after eating, don't panic. It may be because it ate too fast or had an upset tummy before you started feeding it wet food. In fact, some experts believe throwing up after eating is actually a good thing because it clears out any undigested bits of food left behind.

How Do I Know If My Cat Needs A Slow Feeder?

If your cat is a little overweight, then it's probably a good idea to use a slow feeder bowl. These bowls are specifically designed to make cats work for their food and this will encourage them to stop eating before they're full. This can help prevent weight gain in cats who have overeaten in the past or those who have health conditions such as heart disease that put them at risk of obesity.

If you aren't sure whether your cat needs a slow feeder bowl, then consider these factors: ・If your cat gulps down their food too quickly, they may regurgitate it later on. Cats can choke when they eat too fast and this can be dangerous so if you notice that your feline is gulping their meals down without chewing properly, then invest in one of these bowls immediately. ・If your cat only eats specific parts of its meal – such as the chicken and not the vegetables – then it's likely they don't like the taste of what you've served up that day. If this happens regularly, then you'll want to get one of these bowls so that they must eat all parts equally to get enough nutrients.
Menus for Better Health Most pet owners know that regular vet visits are important for keeping their furry friends healthy but many people might not realize just how much diet impacts health too! According to Dr Karen Ehlenschlager from Hills Pet Nutrition, “Many pets' favorite treats could be detrimental over time if fed regularly - especially if there are underlying medical conditions present such as diabetes or kidney failure .” All pet foods sold by Hills include nutritional information on the packaging including fiber and protein levels alongside any potential health concerns highlighted by an ingredient note (such as corn). By monitoring what goes into both regular diets and special treats, pet parents can keep their animals healthier for longer while also improving their quality of life!

Are Slow Feeders For Cats Worth It?

Slow feeders for cats are a great option if you have a cat that suffers from digestive issues or obesity. If you have more than one cat, slow feeders can also be used to prevent squabbles and unnecessary stress.

If your cat is overweight, then slow feeders can help them to lose weight without experiencing stomach aches.

As we mentioned above, it's important to choose the correct size of slow feeder for your cat. If the bowl is too large, then your pet will be able to eat too fast and potentially choke. On the other hand, if it's too small, then they won't get enough food in their bellies.

Are Slow Feeders Mentally Stimulating For Cats?

Most cats are naturally curious animals, and they tend to get bored easily. A cat's mental health is just as important as its physical health, so it's important to keep them stimulated in other ways besides their food bowl. Slow feeders can help with this! When your cat first starts using the slow feeder, it will likely be very interested and sniff around the bowl while it eats. This may seem like bad behavior at first since we're used to seeing cats gobble down their food quickly, but let it finish eating before you take away the dish or dish up a new one.

Once your cat gets used to having a slower mealtime experience, you can experiment with different ways of keeping them mentally stimulated:

Do Slow Feeders Help With Food Aggression In Cats?

Slow feeders are often recommended for cats who show food aggression, especially when there are other pets in the home. Cats may be less inclined to bully their owners if they can't scarf down their food quickly.

Some slow feeders have adjustable settings so you can control how much your cat is eating. This can be helpful if you have a very overweight cat or one with health problems related to overeating. Slow feeders could also help keep your cat occupied while she eats so she's less likely to destroy furniture and other items around the house bored.


The slow feeder cat bowl is a great option for owners looking for a way to help their furry friends eat more slowly without having to disrupt their normal eating habits too much. This type of bowl helps prevent cats from gulping down food too quickly and experiencing the negative side effects that can come with it, such as bloating, nausea and vomiting. Plus, there are several different options available when it comes to selecting the right slow feeder bowl for your pet's needs.

In conclusion, if you want to find an easy way to help your cat avoid the unpleasant side effects caused by eating too fast – then look no further than a slow feeder cat bowl! They're available in many shapes and sizes so you can pick one that's right for your pet's particular needs. All in all this makes them an excellent choice if you're seeking a solution that will make life easier both for your kitty and yourself!

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