A rechargeable light bulb is a game-changing type of bulb that can save you money and help the environment, as you don't have to keep purchasing new light bulbs. With a rechargeable light bulb, you simply charge it up when it needs charging and then use it as normal whenever needed.

It's not just lights that can be charged, either. Several companies now offer rechargeable versions of other appliances, including blow dryers and even toothbrushes. While these might seem like an unnecessary purchase at first glance, if you consider how often those types of appliance need replacing - especially if multiple family members use them - they could end up saving people in your household quite a bit of money in the long run.

If you're thinking about buying a rechargeable light bulb or one of the others from this list, there are some key features to look out for when making your decision so that you know what kind will work best for your home or office:

How We Choose

When choosing the best rechargeable light bulbs, we considered factors such as brightness, efficiency, and runtime. We also looked at customer reviews to get an idea of real-world performance. With all of this information in hand, we were able to narrow down our list to only the absolute best rechargeable light bulbs on the market today.

JackonLux Rechargeable Emergency LED Bulb

The JackonLux Rechargeable Emergency LED Bulb is a simple, yet effective emergency light. This bulb comes with two caps, one for use in an ordinary socket and the other for use in a battery-powered socket.

When the power goes out, simply unscrew the cap from your regular socket and screw it into your battery pack. The light will come on automatically and stay lit until you turn it off manually. It's not super bright but it's more than enough to get you through a power outage.

The JackonLux is made of aluminum so it's sturdy and won't break easily if dropped or knocked over. And at just $17 per bulb, these are pretty affordable considering how much they can do compared to standard bulbs that cost around $1 each.

BSOD Rechargeable Light Bulbs

The BSOD LED bulb is a great choice for those who want a bright, energy efficient light source but don't need the battery power to keep it lit for hours. It's perfect for camping lanterns, after dark hikes, and other outdoor lighting needs.

The BSOD LED bulb is also dimmable to three different brightness levels so you can adjust the light output based on your needs. The remote control included with this lamp makes it easy to turn the light on and off from afar, which is especially useful if you're using it in an area where there's no nearby switch.

The BSOD LED bulb does have some drawbacks though. It doesn't come with a charging cable so you'll need to purchase one separately if you want to recharge it via USB or use an alternate power source like solar power. Also, while these bulbs are safe even when they do go bad and start smoking (they only get hot when they're burning out), they will still emit smoke when they do go bad so be careful when handling them during that time period.

GE LED+ Backup Battery LED Light Bulb

The GE LED+ Backup Battery Light Bulb is a great choice for anyone who wants a reliable light source that can power through an outage. These bulbs use low-energy each day, even when charging for backup functionality, and have up to five hours of light at 120 lumens when fully charged.

The battery backup feature means these lights will stay on even when the power goes out, keeping your lights on whenever you need them. They're also self-charging so you don't have to worry about losing power before they're ready to go. The shape of these bulbs makes them easy to install in any fixture without taking up too much space, making them perfect for emergency kits or handheld flashlights.

With their reasonable price point and impressive durability, it's hard not to recommend the GE LED+ Backup Battery Light Bulb as a great option for anyone looking for a reliable light source that can keep going no matter what happens.

FLYHOOM Portable Rechargeable Light Bulbs

Flyhoom Portable LED Camping Light Bulb is a great option for outdoor activities. It's compact, lightweight and easy to use. It has four lighting modes, including SOS mode which will flash at the end of its battery life to attract attention in case of an emergency.

The light bulb is also waterproof so it can be used in any weather condition. The clip hook design makes it easy to hang from trees or other objects while the remote control provides 20-24 feet of range. The batteries are rechargeable via USB so you don't have to worry about replacing them often.

While these bulbs aren't the brightest on the market they do offer a lot of value for your money and are perfect for camping trips or as a backup light source at home or work.

Rechargeable Light Bulbs FAQs

You probably know that light bulbs are a crucial part of any home, but do you know which ones are best for your needs?

It can be tough to figure out what the best type of light bulb is for each situation. Plus, with all of the different brands and varieties of light bulbs on the market today, it's hard to tell which one will work best for your needs.

We've created this list of Frequently Asked Questions about light bulbs so that you can make an informed decision when choosing which ones are right for you. With this information, you'll be able to confidently choose the perfect set of light bulbs for your home!

How Long Does Rechargeable Light Bulbs Last?

There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to the lifespan of your rechargeable light bulbs. First and foremost, you need to ensure you purchase a quality brand from reputable manufacturers. If you're buying online, check out customer reviews and seek out warranty information.

On top of this, though, it's important to consider how often you use the bulb – if it will be turned on for many hours at a time then even the best bulbs may struggle to last for years without some help from additional features like adaptive charging technology or power-saving modes. It's also worth considering whether or not you have access to battery packs as well so that you can keep replacement batteries on hand in case they run low when you don't have immediate access to an electrical outlet.

Is There Such A Thing As A Rechargeable Light Bulb?

Almost all light bulbs are designed to be used with an Edison socket; they aren't compatible with modern energy-saving LED and CFL bulbs. However, there is one type of rechargeable light bulb: the hybrid halogen. This kind of bulb contains a rechargeable battery that powers a small electric fan to cool the halogen gas within.

Hybrid halogen bulbs can be dimmed and turned off like normal incandescent bulbs, but they also have a rechargeable battery pack hidden inside the base. You can place these lights in areas where you don't regularly plug in lamps, such as closets or cabinets, for example. The battery lasts up to 15 hours before needing to be recharged by exposing it to direct sunlight or placing it on a charging dock.

Does Rechargeable Bulb Charge When The Switch Is Off?

No. Bulbs don't charge unless the switch is in the on position. If your bulb isn't charging, make sure that you have turned it on.

How Do Rechargeable Light Bulbs Recharge?

The rechargeable light bulbs are usually fitted with a USB cable or battery pack. You can plug the cable into any power source, including your computer, phone charger or portable battery pack. The battery packs are fairly large so you'll probably want to keep the light bulb in constant use unless you have a spare battery on hand.

The rechargeable light bulbs that come with their own USB cable will charge for about four hours before they reach full capacity. Once charged up, these lights will throw out light for up to 25 hours and then it's time to plug them back in again.

Can You Leave A Rechargeable Light Plugged In All The Time?

Generally speaking, it's a bad idea to leave a rechargeable flashlight plugged in all the time. The batteries will suffer from “memory effect” and lose charging capacity over time.

Even if you're using it for camping trips or other occasions where you expect to use the light for only short periods of time, there are two reasons why leaving the light plugged in continuously is a bad idea: 1) You'll be wasting electricity, and 2) you'll run the risk of having your batteries die at an inopportune moment.

If you want to leave your rechargeable flashlight plugged in without risking memory effect or premature death by battery failure, consider using a switchable/toggle power supply designed for this purpose. These can be purchased at most large online retailers that carry electronics products, such as Amazon.com.

How Long Does It Take To Fully Charge A Rechargeable Light Bulb?

The charging time of a rechargeable light bulb depends on the wattage and battery capacity. The higher the power, the more energy it takes to charge. Generally, you can expect to charge up to a 100-Watt bulb for 8 hours, but that will vary depending on your charging system. Some systems are faster than others and may bring that time down as low as 2 or 3 hours for a 100 Watt bulb.

You should also consider how long you want your bulbs charged versus how long they'll be used in those spots since most rechargeable LED light bulbs don't last forever once fully charged (in some cases only about a year).

Can I Leave Battery Operated Lights On All Night?

Technically, you can leave battery-operated lights on all night. However, this could lead to a drained battery and no lighting for your next party or event. Plus, leaving them on constantly will wear down the batteries more quickly and shorten their life span. This is not recommended unless you plan to use them for one special occasion only.

Battery-operated lights are more ideal as an emergency light source when there's a power outage. You won't need to worry about replacing the batteries every time there's an outage if you choose this type of light for that purpose! If you do want to keep some spare AA or AAA batteries on hand in case of power outages, we recommend storing them in a sealed plastic bag so they don't collect any excess moisture.

Is It Cheaper To Use Rechargeable Lights?

While rechargeable lights are often more expensive to buy initially, the cost can be offset by the fact that you won't need to keep buying batteries. Many people find that they actually save money in the long run when using rechargeable lights compared to regular battery operated lamps. Most rechargeable lights will claim to provide anywhere from six to 24 hours of light on a single charge, which is great if you're doing something like camping or power outages where you want a constant source of lighting for an extended period of time. Some also offer additional features such as dimming or color changing so you can customize your lighting situation however you'd like.

It's important not to forget about charging though, especially if it's been awhile since your last recharge. A good way around this is having multiple chargers and/or backup batteries so you'll have plenty of juice when needed.

What Is The Benefit Of Rechargeable Bulb?

rechargeable bulbs are a great option if you want to reduce your energy usage and the cost of replacing traditional lightbulbs. They have their own rechargeable battery pack, which powers them for up to 12 hours at a time on medium setting or four hours on high.

As a result, it's possible to place these lights in areas where you might otherwise be tempted to use an energy-guzzling spotlght, such as by a driveway or mailbox. And with rechargeable bulb costing roughly $4-$5 each (compared to about $12 for an equivalent LED), they can pay for themselves over time through lower electricity costs alone.

How Many Times Can You Recharge A Rechargeable?

Generally speaking, rechargeable batteries can be recharged anywhere between 100 and 500 times before they start to lose their ability to hold a charge. Of course, the number of times you can recharge your battery will depend on how often you use it and for how long.

It's also worth noting that all rechargeable batteries are not created equal; some may only last for around 100 recharges while others could reach up to 500. If you're looking for a rechargeable that can stand up to heavy use over many years, you'll want to find one with high capacity ratings.


When it comes to finding the best rechargeable light bulbs, there are many factors to consider. Factors such as brightness, color temperature and longevity should all be taken into account when selecting a bulb that will meet your needs. Make sure that you pick a model that has an efficient charging system along with smart features like timers and dimming capabilities so you can get the most out of your purchase. Also make sure that it is compatible with other devices such as smartphones or tablets so you can control it remotely if needed. Overall, having access to a rechargeable light bulb will allow you greater freedom in any situation where traditional bulbs may not be an option.

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