Pickleball is a fast-paced game that's growing in popularity, and it can take a toll on your feet if you don't have the right shoes. Pickleball shoes should be lightweight, flexible, and offer good traction to help you maneuver around the court.

If you're looking to upgrade from the sneakers that came with your set of pickleballs and paddles, or are searching for an additional pair to rotate with your regular trainers, there are some key features to consider when shopping for pickleball shoes. These include ventilation, materials used in construction, lacing systems, and even what color option works best for you. Depending on how active you are outside of playing pickleball – whether it's walking long distances or running around the court chasing down shots – having a shoe designed specifically for this sport will give your feet ample room to breathe while also providing enough support so that blisters or other nagging injuries don't get in the way of enjoying this fun activity.

If you're already comfortable with all things pickleball but still aren't sure where to start when it comes to finding just the right pair of shoes for your feet type and style preferences – well maybe we can help!

How We Choose

We've reviewed the best Pickleball shoes to help you find the perfect pair for your game. Whether you need something lightweight and breathable, or want a shoe with good traction on court, we've got you covered. Read on for our top picks!

ASICS Men's Gel-RENMA Pickleball Shoes

The Asics Gel-Lyte 33 is one of the most popular running shoes on the market right now. That's because they offer great cushioning and stability, while still feeling lightweight and flexible.

The upper material is made from a combination of mesh and synthetic leather, which helps to keep your foot cool during those hot summer runs. The midsole also features TRUSSTIC technology which provides extra support so you can feel confident in your performance. And if you're looking for a pair that will last you awhile without breaking the bank, these have outlasted many other high-end options out there.

Overall, the Asics Gel-Lyte 33 are great shoes for anyone who wants to get into running but doesn't want to sacrifice comfort or performance for it. They come in multiple colorways so there's sure to be something that suits your style - even if it isn't exactly what you were expecting!

Skechers Men's Viper Court-Pickleball Shoes

The Skechers Pickleball Shoes are a great option for anyone looking to get into the sport. They come with an insole designed by podiatrists, which provides arch support and a shape developed with 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans.

The shoes also have an athletic mesh upper that offers ventilation and cooling effect, while the rubber outsole ensures superior traction on indoor and outdoor court play. The lightweight cushioning in the midsole provides comfortable yet supportive feel during your workout session.

Overall, these shoes provide excellent performance both on-court and off-court. They are perfect for players looking to take their game to the next level!

K-Swiss Men's Express Light Pickleball Shoe

The K-Swiss OrthoLite 1.0 is a great option for runners who want lightweight, cushioned footwear that still provides excellent stability and traction. The shoe features a unique foam material called Ortholite, which is designed to wick away moisture and provide a comfortable, cool footbed.

The outsole also features an additional 180 degree plastic chassis that supports the midfoot during toe-off while providing superior grip on hard surfaces. The only downside of these shoes is the lack of support in the heel area, but this can be remedied by adding a pair of insoles to customize your fit further. Overall, these shoes are perfect for those looking for a lightweight running shoe with high levels of cushioning and comfortability.

They're also available in multiple colorways so you can find one that suits your style best!

WILSON Rush Pro Ace Pickleball

The Wilson Rush Pro is a great pick-up for anyone who wants to hit the court hard and look good doing it. The lightweight synthetic upper provides comfort while still providing support and durability, making this a great choice for both beginners and experienced players alike.

The foam padding placed around your ankle collar and under the tongue provide an incredibly comfortable fit and feel, so you can focus on hitting shots instead of worrying about your shoes. The outsole also offers excellent grip, which is especially useful on clay courts where other players may be slipping all over the place.

If you want to look good while playing some serious tennis then this is definitely something worth considering - we doubt many people will be able to tell from looking at them that these are beginner shoes!

Pickleball Shoes FAQs

With so many options, it can be tough to figure out which shoe is best for you. Luckily, we've got your back!

We've compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about pickleball shoes and curated the top answers for you below.

What Type Of Shoes Do You Wear For Pickleball?

Most pickleball shoes are a type of athletic shoe that have rubber soles and good traction, which is important for getting up quickly after diving for the ball. A solid pickleball shoe should be able to withstand wear and tear from the court's surface without falling apart. While most people wear sneakers, other options include waterproof boat shoes, water shoes, sandals (no flip-flops), cleats and even golf or baseball spikes.

If you're brand new to the game, choose a pair of shoes that feels comfortable on your feet as you'll be running around the court quite a bit. If you're playing competitively or professionally, consider choosing something with more support to help prevent injuries such as twisted ankles or knee pain. You can find many styles of pickleball shoes on Amazon ranging in price from less than $20 to more than $200.

Do You Wear Special Shoes For Pickleball?

Although you can play pickleball with any athletic shoes, most players opt for a water shoe. These shoes are ideal because they offer traction on the court, but they're also lightweight and feature drainage so your feet stay dry during play. Most pickleball shoes have a non-marking bottom which is important for playing on any surface, but especially indoor courts that may be made of hardwood or other materials. Many brands make these types of shoes including ASICS, Nike, and AquaSole.

Is There A Difference Between Pickleball Shoes And Tennis Shoes?

While pickleball shoes are best for the sport, tennis shoes can be worn as well. However, it's important to note that tennis shoes have a slick rubber on the outsole which means you won't get much traction on the court. It's also worth noting that many courts are made of concrete so often times tennis shoes will work fine. If you're interested in getting pickleball shoes, we recommend going with ones that have some grip and shock absorption. Many players prefer this style over tennis shoes because they feel like they can move more freely while playing.

Can You Play Pickleball In Running Shoes?

Technically, yes, you can play pickleball in any type of shoe. However, the best pickleball shoes are specifically designed to provide comfort and support while playing this activity. They have thick soles that offer plenty of cushioning and shock absorption as you move around the court.

The best pickleball shoes come with lightweight designs so your feet don't get fatigued too quickly. You'll also find they have supportive heel cups to keep your ankles from rolling or turning while on the court. Special traction pads enable you to move quickly without slipping and sliding across the floor once you've served the ball into play.

What Is The Difference Between Walking Shoes And Pickleball Shoes?

Pickleball shoes are specifically made to help you move quickly and comfortably across the court. They have a flat sole and stiff upper, which gives you good traction on any surface, including grass or hard pickleball courts. You can wear these shoes when playing any other court sport too, such as tennis.

Walking shoes have more cushioning so that your feet don't get tired as quickly. The soles on walking shoes are usually a little thicker for better shock absorption too. Since walking is one of the primary functions of this type of shoe, comfort is vital so many models feature memory foam or gel inserts to keep your feet feeling good all day long. Most walking shoes will work well with other sports like baseball or softball but they are not built specifically for pickleball like pickleball shoes are.

How Do I Choose My Next Pickleball Shoes?

When you're buying a new pair of pickleball shoes, there are several factors to consider. You'll want to think about the color and style, but you also need to make sure they're practical and offer the best performance for your game.

Color is important because it gives you a little personal flair. You might prefer neutral colors like black or white so that your shoes blend in with the court surface. However, if you want more pizzazz, choose something brighter like red or blue – just make sure they're washable so they last longer.

You'll also need to think about style when choosing your next pair of pickleball shoes. There are several different types of shoe on the market: loafers, sneakers, turf boots, and water shoes all have their own benefits and drawbacks depending on where you play. If possible, try them out before buying so that you can feel how they perform on the court before splashing out your cash.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Pickleball Shoe?

While it may seem like a small detail, the grip of your pickleball shoe can make all the difference when you're playing on an indoor court. Make sure that the soles of your shoes are non-slip so that you don't lose your footing, especially since pickleball is such a fast-paced game.

As with any sport shoe, it's important to find a pair that is both lightweight and breathable so that you aren't weighed down or overheated while playing. Additionally, look for a shoe with good traction as well as ankle support so that you can execute strategic maneuvers without worry.

What Is The Best Outfit For Pickleball?

The best pickleball outfit depends on your playing style and location. If you prefer to play defense, then choose clothing that will keep you cool and allow movement. If offense is your style, choose clothing that won't hinder movement but will still provide protection from the elements.

If you're playing in a saltwater environment, choose a fabric that is specifically treated to resist deterioration or rinse frequently with plain water. Be sure to air dry completely after rinsing since wet fabrics can promote bacterial growth. In freshwater locations, take precautions to avoid introducing non-native species by choosing synthetic materials over natural materials like leather or cotton and using low-profile Aquaseal closed toe pickleballs over other types of balls. Choose clothing that offers UV protection even if you plan to play indoors since direct sunlight can lead to overheating and exhaustion – especially for those who are new players without experience handling the intense heat of summer games in places like Texas or Arizona's desert cities where temperatures often exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius).

What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Pickleball Shoes?

Pickleball is a sport that requires constant movement, so it's no surprise that you might want to find shoes that make it easy for you to keep your feet moving. However, when playing pickleball inside on a court, the floor may not be ideal for some of your sneakers. For this reason, many people opt for an indoor pickleball shoe instead of their regular athletic sneaker.

Indoor pickleball shoes are specifically designed with non-marking rubber soles so they won't damage the floor at the gym or other location where you play pickleball. These shoes also typically have less traction than regular sneakers because there is no need for them to grip on slippery court surfaces indoors.

How Do You Know If A Shoes Is Indoor Or Outdoor?

Most shoes are labeled as either outdoor or indoor, though some may be suitable for both. You can usually tell by the soles: Outdoor shoes have thick, rugged soles with lots of traction designed to stand up to dirt, mud and other rough terrain; they're often made from sturdier materials that can withstand being exposed to rain and snow. Indoor shoes are usually made from softer materials like leather or suede that won't scratch hardwood flooring; they usually have a sheen rather than a matte finish on the upper (the part covering your foot); and they often feature special non-skid soles so you don't slip when walking across slick floors. If you're shopping online, it can sometimes be tough to know whether a shoe is intended for indoor or outdoor use unless you read the product description very carefully. We recommend checking out customer reviews to see how well a shoe stands up over time in different conditions if it's not specifically labeled as an indoor/outdoor shoe.


The best pickleball shoes are those that provide comfort, support and stability while also having features such as breathable mesh fabric, non-slip soles and waterproofing. Look for a pair with a sturdy yet lightweight build that can withstand the occasional bump or scrape without causing injury. Make sure they fit properly so you don't get any blisters or discomfort while playing.

When searching for the right pair of pickleball shoes, consider both style and functionality to find something that meets all your needs. From basic models to more advanced styles designed for serious players, there's an option out there for everyone looking to improve their game. Get on court faster than ever before with the perfect pair of pickleball shoes!

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