The best onion goggles are essential for anyone working with onions. The sulfuric compounds in onions can be irritating to the eyes, causing them to water and sting. Onion goggles keep these compounds away from your eyes, allowing you to work with onions without discomfort.

There's no need to worry if you're allergic to onions though - most of the best onion goggles will filter out enough of the irritant so that those who aren't affected by the compound can still use them safely.

If you're looking for onion goggles, it's important that they fit comfortably on your head. You also need a pair that blocks out enough of the sulfuric compounds so that they don't get into your eyes while you're wearing them. Some of the best onion goggles offer additional features such as adjustable straps and nose guards to improve comfort and effectiveness even further.

How We Choose

When choosing the best onion goggles, you'll want to think about things like comfort and fit, visibility, protection from eye irritants and debris, and durability. Some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for onion goggles include material (will they be made of latex or plastic?), lens type (will they have tinted/mirrored or clear lenses?), strap type (some straps are adjustable while others are not), and price.

We also think it's important to factor in the different types of jobs that these goggles can be used for; if you're looking for a multipurpose pair that will work well for multiple tasks (such as gardening, cleaning windows or painting), make sure they offer good protection against dust particles as well as UV rays. And last but not least, don't forget to read through some customer reviews before making your final decision!

RSVP International Onion Goggles

I recently purchased a pair of these onion goggles, and I have to say that they are pretty darn great. They come in a variety of different colors, so you can match them with your kitchen décor.

The goggles feature an adjustable strap that fits around the back of your head, and they're made from durable plastic. The lenses are fog-free, which is perfect for keeping those pesky tears at bay when you're peeling onions or chopping up tomatoes.

They also come with a handy wipe to clean them after use, and the unisex design makes them suitable for men or women to wear. Overall, these onion goggles are great for anyone who enjoys cooking but hates having their eyes burn while doing it!

Anti-spicy Onion Goggles

I have been on the lookout for an onion goggles for quite some time now, and I am glad to say that I finally found them. The Hakeeta Onion Goggles are a great addition to my kitchen utensil collection, and they have become my go-to tool when cooking.

They offer eye protection designed to prevent tears in the eyes when cutting onions. They are made of excellent material, sturdy and durable, and the glasses are of moderate size and suitable for all kinds of people. The sponge design is comfortable to wear, making it easy to get into a cooking mindset without feeling like you're wearing a helmet.

I highly recommend these goggles if you love chopping up onions or other veggies! They will save your eyes from any tears or irritation during your next batch of sautéing.

Purple Onion Goggles for Tear Free Chopping

The Goldcorp Onion Goggles are a great way to protect your eyes from the stinging vapors that come out when you chop an onion. They're made of foam, so they're comfortable to wear and won't leave any marks on your eyes.

The goggles have a snug fit and eliminate tears and stinging eyes, so you can keep chopping without getting hurt or having to stop what you're doing because your eyes are watering. These goggles are recommended by chefs all over the world, which is why we were excited to try them out for ourselves.

They do a great job at protecting against irritating vapors, but they don't completely eliminate them - it's still possible to get some in your eyes if you stare too hard at the onions while wearing them.

Zerone Kitchen Onion Cutting Goggles

The Zerone Onion Goggles are a great tool for anyone who likes to cook or bake and needs protection from the hot steam and fumes. They are designed with a sponge-like interior that is comfortable to wear, allowing you to see clearly without any irritation.

They have multiple uses, making them great for chopping, mincing, dicing or slicing garlic, scallions and peppers. The goggles also protect your eyes from juices, fumes and spattering when cooking in the kitchen. They come in several colors so you can match them with your outfit or kitchen decor.

The only downside is that they do not fit every head shape perfectly - however if you have a smaller head then it may not be an issue at all. Overall these goggles are a must-have for anyone who loves to cook but wants to keep their eyes protected while doing so!

Onion Goggles FAQs

You're looking for the best goggles to keep the dust out of your eyes while you work, but there's a lot of conflicting information out there.

It seems like everyone has an opinion on what makes a good pair of goggles and it can be hard to know who to trust. Or worse, maybe you've fallen victim to some misinformation yourself!

We've created this handy guide to help clear up any confusion so that you can make the best decision when it comes time to purchase a pair of goggles for yourself or as a gift.

Do Onion Goggles Really Work?

There are a few conflicting answers online as to whether onion goggles actually work, but the general consensus is that they do, as long as you adjust your expectations. Onion goggles aren't designed to eliminate all of the smell from onions or completely protect your eyes from the harsh fumes. They're more like filters; you'll still be able to smell and taste onions, but it won't be overpowering.

Many people who've tried onion goggles say they block about half of the smell and hardly any of the flavor. The main benefit is that they keep your eyes protected from stinging smoke and tears while you cut up an onion.

Do Swimming Goggles Help With Onions?

It's a very good question and one we had never thought to ask before. Onions make your eyes tear, so it makes sense that goggles would help stop the pain. Surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be much research into this topic, but based on anecdotal evidence from people who work in onion picking fields or do hands-on cooking demonstrations, swimming goggles do not help with onions.

Can You Wear Goggles While Cutting Onions?

It depends on the type of goggle you wear. While most types of goggles are not specifically made to be worn while cutting onions, there are some that can withstand the harsh chemical properties for a limited period of time. For example, we tested several different styles of goggles and found that only two were able to stand up to an onion's strong sulfur compounds: Optimum™ Sulphur Resistant and MSA N95. However, even those two pairs only stood up for about 10 minutes. Most other brands simply failed after a few seconds.

We recommend wearing gloves while cutting onions whenever possible since they offer better protection from the chemicals compared to eyewear – especially if you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses.

How Do Onion Goggles Work?

Onion goggles cover your eyes with a layer of protective plastic, typically polycarbonate. This means the goggles don't block all light like regular eyeglasses do, which is why you can still see what's going on around you while wearing them. They seal against your face so that no onion vapors can seep in through the cracks and holes.

The plastic lenses themselves are not very thick, so they won't distort your vision or make it hard to see things up close or far away. Their thinness also makes them more comfortable to wear since they don't add much bulk compared to other eye protection options.

Polycarbonate plastic is commonly used in many types of eyewear because it's durable enough to withstand knocks and bumps without cracking or breaking while still being lightweight and easy to wear for extended periods of time. On top of that, it's hypoallergenic so even those who have extreme sensitivities should be able to wear onion goggles without irritation or discomfort.

How Do You Fix Your Eyes After Onions?

While you might think that the best way to get rid of onion smells is with a good, hot shower, this isn't quite right. Hot water can actually seal in the odors so that they don't escape on your breath. Instead, try gently rubbing your eyes with a clean towel after cutting or cooking onions. The towel will help draw out any irritants without transferring them to another dish you're working on.

Some people also swear by chewing gum after chopping onions or smelling rotten ones as it gives their body something else to focus on. If you have access to an air vent and aren't worried about looking silly, puffing out small bursts of air can also be an effective way to let off some of those smelly gases before they get into your mouth and start bothering you even more.

Does A Wet Rag Help With Onions?

While it's not as effective as using a knife sharpener, a wet rag can help to remove some of the excess bite from your onions. The best way to do this is by slicing the onion in half and dunking each side into a bowl of water for about five minutes. Remove the onion and use your hands to gently press out any water that may have collected inside. Then slice the onion into thin rings or wedges and proceed with cooking as directed in your recipe.

If you're new to cutting onions, keep in mind that they release gas when they're being sliced – something that can make you tear up while chopping them up! To avoid this problem, hold a cup of saltine crackers or plain popcorn in one hand while you slice with the other. As soon as you cut an area free from the rest of the onion, pop that piece into your mouth so you don't breathe any of those fumes back into your eyes!

You may be surprised at just how well this little trick works - we've tested it ourselves and found it made a huge difference!

What Stops Onions From Making Your Eyes Water?

Onions are very powerful in their natural state, but once you start chopping them up and cooking with them, that power is multiplied. So it's important to properly prepare onions so they don't overwhelm your dish – and your dinner companions.

When you cut an onion, a chemical reaction occurs that releases sulfur compounds into the air. These compounds cause your eyes to water. But when you slice the onion in half from root to tip, the hollow space inside creates a pocket of air that acts as a buffer between the knife and your cutting board. As you slice, this pocket of air helps keep some of those irritating chemicals away from your eyes.

Does A Bowl Of Water Help With Onions?

Onions produce a volatile gas when they're cut or bruised, and this can be quite strong. When you're cutting onions, it can be difficult to avoid watery eyes if you don't have something to protect your eyes with. A lot of people say that putting a bowl over the onion as you cut it will help prevent that pungent gas from getting into your eyes. We've never tried this trick out for ourselves, but we'd be interested in hearing whether it works or not from any of our readers who have!

Can Onion Fumes Damage Eyes?

Onions are high in a type of sulfur that can cause irritation to the eyes and, if you're unfortunate enough to cut your finger while working with onions, on the skin too. You'll notice this as a watery feeling or stinging sensation and it's important not to rub your eyes. The best way to avoid having onion fumes get into your eyes is by keeping good distance when cutting onions. Also make sure you have plenty of ventilation when cooking with them and be sure not to touch your eyes until after you've washed your hands thoroughly. If you do find yourself experiencing eye irritation from working with onions, cold compresses can help relieve the pain.

Can Onions Blur Vision?

Onions contain a lot of sulfenic acid, which is the chemical compound that gives them their distinctive flavor. While this ingredient can have a positive effect on your health by helping to lower cholesterol, it can also cause some vision problems for some people.

Onions can irritate the eyes and make you feel like you're crying when you're not. They can also cause blurred vision if too much onion gets into your eye. If you find onions give you blurry vision, avoid chopping onions up finely or mince them in a food processor if possible. It's also best to use gloves when handling onions so as little of the stem gets in your fingers as possible.

A cold compress held against your closed eyelid may help relieve irritation if you find this happens regularly. You should stop eating onions if they consistently result in severe eye pain or constant blurred vision though, as these symptoms are likely to be caused by an onion allergy rather than sulfenic acid exposure.


We hope this article has been helpful in guiding you towards finding the best onion goggles for your needs. As always, thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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