The best nursing sports bras are designed to give you the support you need when exercising while also making it easy for you to breastfeed your little one when you're at home.

Whether you're a yoga enthusiast or prefer to run, swim or cycle in your free time, these are the bras that will keep your chest and breasts comfortable during exercise. The best nursing sports bras come with extra-wide clasps so that you can easily pull down the front of the bra without having to move your baby out of position and so that milk doesn't spill out unexpectedly. Some even have zippered sides so that feeding is made even easier.

Many of these styles also feature compression technology as this works wonders for supporting sore breasts after feeding as well as boosting circulation which means more oxygen reaches your skin cells – meaning less pain and soreness too!

How We Choose

We know that there's a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the right sports bra for you, which is why we've put together this guide filled with all of the things you need to know before making your decision. We've looked at dozens of different options and only recommend those that meet or exceed our expectations in terms of comfort, support, and durability. Furthermore, we understand that everyone's needs are a little bit different so we've included a range of styles and prices to suit any budget.

HOFISH Women's Maternity Nursing Sports Bra

The Braze Sports Bra is a great option for anyone who wants a comfortable bra that also offers support and coverage. This sports bra features three adjustable straps that provide customizable fit and support, while the lightweight fabric provides breathability and comfort.

The Olive+Black colorway is available in sizes XS-XL, with each size offering different levels of compression to provide a custom fit. The material used on this bra is 95% cotton 5% spandex which means it's both comfortable and durable – perfect for everyday wear! The top clips design makes it easy to remove the bra during pregnancy or nursing, making it super convenient.

Overall, this sports bra has been designed with in mind of all occasions – whether you're working out or running errands – it'll keep your chest supported without sacrificing comfortability. It's also worth noting that this product comes in multiple colors so you can find one that suits your style best!

HOFISH Seamless Support Nursing Bra

The Bra-lette is a great option for anyone looking for a comfortable and versatile bra that can be worn in multiple ways. This sports bra is perfect for those who want to exercise or do other activities while breastfeeding, as it has convenient top clips that make it easy to take off and put back on.

The material used here is 92% nylon and 8% spandex, which makes it lightweight yet supportive. It's also machine washable so you don't need to worry about taking care of this piece of clothing. The price point on this one is pretty low too, making the Bra-lette an affordable option for anyone looking to start their collection of nursing bras.

It's not going to give you the same level of support as something like the <!##PRODUCTREF##!>, but if you're just starting out with breastfeeding or know someone who will be doing so soon - this will do the trick just fine!

3AXE Women's Maternity & Nursing Bra

This bra is perfect for everyday use, whether you're out and about or just running errands. It's made of lightweight fabric that feels comfortable against your skin and provides support while still being easy to wear.

The straps are adjustable so you can customize the fit to suit your preferences. The front features a special "X" design that allows you to free up your hands so you can pump without having to hold the bra in place. This is especially helpful if you're using a handheld pump like the Ameda Purely Yours or Spectra.

The 3axe sports bra also comes with convenient top clips, making it easier to take on runs or Pilates workouts without worrying about losing your breast pump during exercise.

Ingrid & Isabel Basics Nursing Sports Bra

The Ingrid+Isabel basics maternity sports bra is a great choice for any pregnant woman. It has a soft and comfortable fabric that feels like your favorite t-shirt, but with extra support.

It's also very breathable and lightweight, making it perfect for hot summer days when you want to exercise outside without overheating. The adjustable straps provide additional comfort while still providing secure support, and the non-chafing nursing pads make it easy to nurse discreetly without having to remove the bra.

The fabric is 92% nylon with 8% spandex so it holds up well over time while still being breathable and comfortable. This versatile piece can be worn during pregnancy as well as after giving birth, making it an essential piece of clothing no matter what stage of pregnancy you're in!

Nursing Sports Bra FAQs

You have questions about which sports bra is best for your needs. You don't want to end up with the wrong size or a bad purchase, but it can be tough to figure out what the best option is when there are so many different brands and options available.

Our team has done a lot of research on this topic and found that most people simply want to know if their concerns will be alleviated by investing in a new bra. We've compiled some of the most Frequently Asked Questions below, as well as our top recommended answers based on our findings.

Is It OK To Wear A Sports Bra While Breastfeeding?

Sports bras are designed to provide support and minimize movement, so it's not surprising that some new moms worry about the effect on their milk supply. As long as your bra fits properly – you should be able to fit one or two fingers underneath the band with no bulging above the bra – then you can wear a sports bra while breastfeeding without any issue. The important thing is that the bra fits properly and doesn't restrict your baby's access to your breasts.

If you're still concerned about whether it's OK, talk to your healthcare provider about how much movement is normal for breastfeeding.

What Are The Straps Inside A Nursing Bra For?

The purpose of the straps within a nursing bra is to help support and lift your breasts. Generally speaking, you won't be using the shoulder straps in the same way as a non-nursing bra; they're there to give additional support when your breasts are fuller with milk.

Many women find that their breasts feel more comfortable when they wear their nursing bras backwards compared to forwards, so experiment and see what works for you. You might also want to check our article on how to stop leaking while sleeping if you want some extra reassurance about your nursing bra's effectiveness!

Can You Wear Sports Bra When Pumping?

While not necessarily optimal, it is possible to wear a sports bra while pumping as long as you're careful not to let the pump suction pads come in direct contact with your skin. If you choose this method, we recommend wearing a tank top or undershirt underneath the bra so that your skin stays clean and dry.

If this sounds like too much work or too uncomfortable for you, we recommend either investing in a hands-free pumping bra (a type of pumping accessory that wraps around your torso without having any direct contact with your skin) or using an after market pumping strap – basically an extra piece of material that attaches from one side of the pump handle to the other.

How Do I Know My Nursing Bra Fits?

There are several ways to check that your nursing bra fits properly:

Be sure there is no excess fabric or banding across the top of the cup so that your breasts can fully and comfortably fill the cups. Cups with too much material will obscure your breasts, causing them to look smaller than they actually are. Be certain there is no gap between your breast and the bra cup. This exposes your nipple, which lets milk leak through over time and may irritate your skin. Gently pull on each side of a bra strap to ensure it's fitting you well enough to offer adequate support without cutting into your shoulders or falling down off your shoulder.

Can A Tight Sports Bra Cause Mastitis?

It's not likely that a sports bra alone can cause mastitis, but if your breasts are already swollen or feel painful before you begin working out, the added pressure from a tight sports bra could be too much for your body to handle.

It might be tempting to wear that old “granny” bra you've been hanging on to in the back of your drawer, but don't do it unless it's one of the approved options from your doctor. Any type of constricting band around your chest will put pressure on your lymph nodes and might make things worse. If you're experiencing this kind of pain when wearing a good sports bra, talk to a medical professional about what's going on with your body – especially if it continues after treatment is finished.

Will Wearing A Sports Bra Decrease Milk Supply?

The short answer is yes, but not by much. While some women find their milk supply decreases after wearing a sports bra for several hours, others don't notice any change at all.

Most healthcare providers agree that a well-fitting sports bra will have little to no effect on your overall milk supply. That said, it's important to note that the majority of nursing bras are not meant to be worn while exercising – they're designed specifically to offer support while you're breastfeeding. If you wear a regular bra while working out and feel like your overall supply has decreased significantly, check the fit of your bra and see if you can tell what's causing the problem (ie., chafing or pressure from the underwire).

What Makes A Nursing Bra Different?

The first and most important difference that a nursing bra has is the opening on the top of each cup. This opening lets you pull down your breast to nurse your baby without having to adjust or remove your bra.

Nursing bras are designed with stretchy fabric and closer-set cups so that your breasts can grow larger (or shrink back down) as needed when you're breastfeeding. They also tend to have thicker, more absorbent fabrics for extra support and protection from leaks.

How Do You Tell If Your Cup Size Is Too Big Or Small?

It's not hard to tell if a bra is too big or small. You can feel the cup and it will be saggy and loose. But how do you know if your breast size is too small, just right or too large for a particular type of cup? Manufacturers put sizing information on the packaging so you can pick the best fit. Cups are sized by letter and range from AA through H with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign after some letters. The first number in each range is the cup's volume in milliliters; the second number is its capacity expressed as an alphabetical letter (from AAA to HHH).

Manufacturers design their cups based on this sizing system, so once you choose one that fits comfortably and securely, it should accommodate your whole bust, not just part of it.

Why Are My Nipples Sore After Wearing A Sports Bra?

While a sports bra is arguably one of the most important pieces of running clothing and may even be necessary for some, it's not going to feel great against your skin if you don't wear one. You're probably familiar with that soreness in your underarms from chafing, but did you know that this can also happen on your breasts? The best sports bras are designed to provide support without squeezing too tightly and causing damage to the tissue. Still, they don't always do the job perfectly, so it's worth taking precautions.

A good rule of thumb is to change out of your bra after every run if possible; ideally right into a washcloth full of cold water, which will help reduce any swelling or redness. If you plan on continuing a long-term workout routine or other vigorous activity (such as boxing), consider investing in moisture-wicking nipple covers like these from Sweaty Betty. These thin silicone shields are perfect for wearing under tank tops when working out. Just make sure to remove them before jumping into the shower!

How Many Times Can You Wear A Sports Bra Before Washing It?

This depends on the type of sports bra you have. Many bras are made from technical fabrics that wick away sweat and dry quickly, so they don't require frequent washing. Other bras are made from cotton or other absorbent materials, which means they'll get smelly if you wear them too many times without washing. If your bra is made with a fabric that can withstand repeated wear and washings, then the answer to this question really depends on how often you plan to wear it. We spoke with representatives at two major sports bra manufacturers who confirmed this point: It's generally recommended that you wash your sports bra after every use if you plan on wearing it more than three times in a row.

Most people only work out three times per week or less though, so for most people it's fine to wear their best-worn sports bra an additional time or two before throwing it in the wash. Either way, we recommend checking the care instructions to be sure you're following all of the manufacturer's guidelines for optimal performance and longevity of your wearable investment.


The best nursing sports bra is one that offers support, comfort, and flexibility. Look for a secure-fitting style with adjustable straps and an elastic band at the back for optimal support. It should also be made from breathable fabric so your skin stays dry during workouts. Additionally, look for features such as padding or compression to help reduce bounce while exercising. Finally, make sure it's easy to get in and out of quickly – this will make breastfeeding afterward even easier. By taking these factors into consideration you can find the perfect nursing sports bra that meets all your needs!

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