These highly-reviewed ballet flats will make you feel like a princess without breaking your bank account.

Ballet flats are the perfect accompaniment to all your outfits, whether you're off to work or out on the town. While they come in a wide range of styles and colors, ballet flats are essentially flat shoes with no significant heel.

Because they don't elevate you off the ground, they can be worn by people with foot pain who need some arch support. They also give you more stability than heels do — especially if you're just starting out learning how to walk in heels. Ballet flats can be made of leather or fabric (or a combination of both). Leather ballet flats tend to have better durability, but fabric options are more breathable and lightweight for warmer weather.

When choosing ballet flats, think about your style and comfort level as well as what activities you'll be doing while wearing them. Then find some options that fit your needs and try them on for size!

How We Choose

We considered a variety of factors when choosing the best heeled ballet flats, including heel height, material quality, comfort level and style options. We chose shoes with heels ranging from two inches to three inches so you can find one that suits your needs.

We also took into account the materials used in each shoe's construction—some are made with higher-quality leather or other materials than others. In our opinion, these tend to be more comfortable and long-lasting than shoes made with lower-quality materials.

Finally, we looked at style options so you can find a pair that matches your personal taste. Whether you're looking for classic ballet flats or something more stylish, we've got a wide range of options for you to browse through below.

Amazon Essentials Pointed-Toe Ballet Flat

The Amazon Essentials pointed toe flat is a stylish and comfortable choice for any occasion. The sleek design features a classic silhouette with subtle details that add sophistication and edge.

The rubber sole provides superior traction on various surfaces, making them ideal for daily wear. The cushioned insole provides comfort while the lightweight construction ensures easy mobility. The minimalist heel design adds an elegant touch to the shoe, complementing the sleek and modern look of the rest of the shoe.

Available in multiple colors, this versatile piece can be dressed up or down depending on your style preferences. Whether you're running errands or attending a formal event, these shoes will keep you looking sharp all day long!

Circus NY Women's Charlotte Ballet Flat

The Caleres 100% Leather Ballet Flat is a great choice for those who want a classic look with added comfort. The leather material provides durability and the slip-on design ensures easy wearability.

The ballet flat features a low height that sits just below the knee, making them perfect for those who want to add a touch of elegance to their wardrobe without compromising on comfort. The padded insole offers additional cushioning while the manmade sole provides superior traction on any surface. These shoes are also available in other colors such as black and white which makes them versatile enough to match with any outfit.

They're also built to last, with an internal sole constructed from durable rubber materials that provide excellent traction and shock absorption when walking or standing still. Overall, these Caleres 100% Leather Ballet Flats are a great option for anyone looking for high quality footwear at an affordable price point.

Sam Edelman Women's Felicia Flats

The Sam Edelman Felicia is a classic ballet flat that oozes luxury and style. The felicia features a luxurious vegan patent upper, brahma hair, suede, jacquard or sequin.

The shoe has an elegant bow and delicate se charm that adds the perfect touch of femininity to any outfit. The shoes are made from quality materials such as leather, vegan patent, brahma hair and suede which provides a comfortable and durable feel.

If you're looking for a stylish yet comfortable option then these are definitely worth checking out! They have great arch support and provide maximum comfort while still providing the look of high-end designer footwear at an affordable price point.

DREAM PAIRS Women's Flats Shoes

The Dream Pairs flats are a great option for anyone looking for a comfortable and durable pair of socks. The cushioned foot-bed provides ultimate comfort, while the ultra-soft lining ensures that you stay cool and dry all day long.

The ultra flexible rubber outsole provides excellent traction on any surface, whether it's wet or dry. This makes them perfect for running in rain or light snow, making your run more enjoyable and less stressful. Additionally, their heel height of 0.15" (approx) provides optimal support and cushioning from the ground, ensuring you have an extra comfortable experience when running.

These socks are made with 100% premium latex which means they're extremely durable and will hold up well after multiple wears without losing its shape or becoming misshapen. They come in a variety of colors to match any outfit, making them easy to match with whatever you're wearing at the time. Overall these are a great option for anyone looking for a comfortable and durable pair of socks that won't let you down during their next run!

Heeled Ballet Flats FAQs

You've finally decided to buy some ballet flats, but you don't know where to start. There are a lot of questions that arise when it comes time to make your purchase.

You don't want to end up with the wrong pair and have to go through the hassle of returning them. Our team has found the most Frequently Asked Questions about heeled ballet flats, so you can make an informed decision when shopping for yours!

What Is The History Of Ballet Flats?

The ballet flat most likely originated in the late 18th century when French shoemaker Louis Porportine created leather shoes with no heels. These were specifically made for use by ballet dancers who were performing on hardwood floors. The first flats were heavy and stiff, to avoid floor damage, but as time went on they became more supple and comfortable.

Ballet flats are generally constructed from suede or leather uppers, with a rubber sole for traction. They have a low heel of just under one inch maximum that lets you maintain your balance while dancing. Many women wear them casually too, not only because they're comfortable but also because they look stylish and can be paired with almost any outfit.

It's hard to pinpoint an exact date, but ballet flats have been around for almost 100 years. The name comes from the fact that they were originally designed to be worn by ballerinas while they were performing and training on their feet.

They became more widely available in the 1940s when designers started making them with a rubber sole so that women could wear them out of the studio too. These days you can find ballet flats made from everything from leather to suede, plastic and fabric – not forgetting our favorite animal-friendly vegan varieties too!

What Brand Of Flats Did Audrey Hepburn Wear?

Audrey Hepburn was best known for her little black dress, but when she wasn't wearing that timeless look, she often wore flats. In fact, if you watch any of the films in which Hepburn appeared, you'll see that despite her love of high heels (which were typically hidden in her handbag), she almost always wore flats off set. This is because Hepburn suffered from severe osteoarthritis and found it difficult to wear high heels after long hours on set.

Though Audrey favored classic ballet flats with a low heel, there are several brands she likely wore including: A similar design to the style Hepburn preferred can be purchased at J. Crew; however they no longer offer a leather version so we recommend opting for their suede option or other fabric styles available online and in stores such as Target or Banana Republic

What Are The Flats That Meghan Markle Wears?

While she was still an actress on Suits, Meghan Markle wore a lot of designer flats. Her go-to shoe was traditionally designed with a closed toe box and low heel. She also wore open-toe shoes, but these were more suited to less formal events. In the last year or so, we've seen Meghan Markle wear sandals with both flat and chunky heels. Designer names include Valentino, Manolo Blahnik and Aquazzura.

Meghan Markle tends to favor neutral colors in her clothing choices when it comes to her shoes; you'll see lots of black, taupe and off-white designs in her lookbooks. While neutral colors are certainly easier to match, they can be very versatile too as they can blend into any outfit combination perfectly well while adding that something extra with their design flare.

Did Ballet Flats Go Out Of Style?

It's hard to say for sure, but we think ballet flats may have come into their own in the early 2000s (about when the movie “You've Got Mail” came out), with many well-known brands like Gap and J.Crew offering them in their collections. They seem to have fallen out of favor slightly around 2012, however, perhaps due to changing trends and a shift towards sneakers.

Despite this dip in popularity though, there are signs that ballet flats are making a comeback - at least among fashion insiders. Both Gucci and Chanel debuted new versions of classic ballet flat designs at their Fall 2018 runway shows – modernized with updated materials and colors – while popular celebrities like Emma Roberts and Bella Hadid have been frequently spotted wearing them on the red carpet over recent months.

What Gender Were Heels Made For?

High heels were originally designed for women, but men also wear them. The main difference is that men's high heels tend to be made from sturdier materials and have thicker soles. This makes them better suited to rugged conditions like a city street versus a formal ballroom.

Many of the modern styles are unisex and can be worn by either sex, although they're generally not as sturdy or large in size compared to what's made specifically for men.

What Culture Invented High Heels?

High heels are thought to have been invented in 1590 by Italian shoemaker Aquila. He designed them for the queen of Spain, and they were made of leather with wooden soles. The queen reportedly loved them so much that she insisted other women wear them too, and high heels soon became fashionable throughout Europe.
Many historians believe high heels originated in ancient Rome. Those shoes didn't resemble modern high heels because they were flat with a small platform heel; however, this was enough to give women more height and self-assurance when mingling with men. Ancient Greeks also wore platform or wedge sandals that gave their wearers an extra boost, but these weren't considered feminine like the Roman styles were.

Why Are They Called Pleaser Heels?

Since they're so comfortable, you might wonder why they're called pleaser heels. The name is a reference to the feeling that comes from walking in them – you'll feel pleased every time you take a step! They're also incredibly exciting and make it easy to get into character for any costume party or event.

Pleaser heels are named after the company that originally manufactured this type of shoe, which is based in Los Angeles. When the line first hit the shelves back in 1979, it was originally aimed at men and women who wanted stylish shoes with plenty of comfort but didn't want to compromise on their health by wearing traditional high-heels. Over time, however, the brand has expanded its range to include styles made specifically for women and some other manufacturers have jumped on board as well.

How Do Flats Look Classy?

Most flats are designed with comfort in mind, so they're not always the most stylish of shoes. However, if you choose a classic flat style and stick to neutral colours like black or brown and avoid anything too sporty or chunky, you can create a look that's both comfortable and stylish.

If you're going for an ultra-casual look, try flats without heels or straps that can double as sneakers. These styles have been popular for years now but flats with block heel accents will still work well with more formal outfits too, especially when teamed with trousers or culottes.

Are Ballet Flats Good For Your Feet?

Ballet flats are great for your feet because they provide a solid base. Ballet flats have non-skid soles so you won't slip and slide, which is great if you suffer from any kind of foot pain. The soles on ballet flats allow your muscles to relax while you walk — there's no need to clench your toes or tense up your legs since the flat has a sturdy base.

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, ballet flats can help with that too since the shoes evenly distribute weight across the bottom of your feet. And since many ballet flats don't come with an elevated heel, it means less strain on your back when walking or standing for long periods of time.


The best heeled ballet flats are great for women who want to look stylish and professional while still being able to move easily during their daily activities. The heels on these shoes help balance out the body by shifting the weight from the toes to the heel, which can reduce strain on muscles and joints. They also come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes so you're sure to find one that suits your taste. Be sure to check out our blog for tips on how to shop smartly when looking for footwear so you get quality without breaking the bank!

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