If you're looking for the perfect way to light up your Christmas decorations, look no further than these best Edison bulb string lights. These lights are a throwback to the original filament bulbs that Thomas Edison created in 1879 and are now widely known as “Edison bulbs”.

The original Edison bulbs were made from bamboo and hand-coiled carbonized wire that would illuminate when an electric current was passed through it, but today's versions use modern materials like plastic or glass encasing tiny LED bulbs that replicate this same look. The result is a gorgeous design element for your holiday décor as well as practical nighttime lighting on your deck or patio.

As with any outdoor lighting, safety is important so be sure to choose string lights with a UL rating of 0-Dark-100. Look for strings with an IP (ingress protection) rating of at least six if you plan to hang them outdoors because they'll come with additional weatherproofing features like thick casing or extra layers of protective varnish. Also make sure that each strand has 30 bulbs so there's plenty of coverage for maximum brightness and ambiance.

How We Choose

We looked at a variety of factors when choosing the best Edison bulb string lights, including brightness, durability, and ease of use. We also considered customer reviews from verified purchasers to get an idea of real-world performance. With all this information in hand, we were able to narrow our focus until we found the perfect blend of function and form.

48Ft Led Patio Edison Vintage Shatterproof Bulbs

The Probro 25000 Hour LED String Lights are a great choice for those looking to light up their outdoor space without breaking the bank. These string lights come with an impressive 25,000 hour lifespan and shatterproof plastic lampshade that will keep your lights safe from any bumps or falls.

The light source type is LED which means they use very little energy per bulb making these patio lights eco-friendly and cost effective to run. The distance between bulbs is approximately 21.65 inches so you'll get plenty of coverage even if you have a large area to illuminate.

The Italian bistro style design makes these backyard string lights perfect for adding a touch of class to any garden or patio space. They're also waterproof, weatherproof and UL listed - meaning they can withstand whatever the weather throws at them without getting damaged or dirty.

addlon 50FT LED Edison Outdoor String Lights

The Addlon 15 LED Globe String Lights are a great option for anyone looking to add lighting to their patio, deck or walkway. These globe lights feature three lighting modes and come with an on/off switch, making them easy to use.

The globe shape makes them look elegant and they have a 30,000 hour lifespan meaning they will last for years without needing any maintenance. The string length is 5 feet which means you can easily connect multiple globes together if you want more light coverage.

These lights are waterproof so they can be used outdoors in all types of weather conditions and the commercial grade insulation keeps water out so your lights won't break if it rains or gets knocked over by accident.

Afirst Edison Bulbs Vintage Bistro Lights

The Afirst Outdoor String Lights 20FT with 22 Edison Bulbs are a great choice if you're looking for a set of patio lights that have a vintage look. The design is simple and elegant, and the bulbs are energy-efficient.

The string of lights has 22 bulbs, which means you can light up quite an area. It also comes with an on/off switch so you can control the lighting levels from afar. The cord is durable and water resistant, making this perfect for outside parties or events.

There are 20 sockets in total - though some people may find it difficult to connect all of them together at first, but once you get the hang of it it becomes easy to do. One downside is that these aren't very bright which may disappoint some users, but they still make a nice addition to your patio decor no matter what time of year it is.

ZUUKOO LIGHT Smart Outdoor String Lights

The Zuukoo Light outdoor string lights are great for adding a touch of light to your garden, patio or backyard. They have 25 LED bulbs that can be controlled individually and come with three lighting modes - AB (for the ground), A (for the trees) and B (for the sky).

The lights are waterproof so you can place them in puddles without any issues. The remote control works via Bluetooth so there's no need for a direct connection between the lights and controller. You can use it from up to 100 feet away which is handy if you want to put them somewhere other than directly in front of you.

These outdoor string lights are suitable for all types of weather conditions, whether it's raining or sunny they'll withstand whatever life throws at them. At just under $60 they're not too expensive either making these an excellent choice if you're looking for something simple yet effective.

Brightech Ambience Pro LED Outdoor Lights

The Brightech Outdoor LED Pendant Lamp is a great choice for those looking to add a touch of modern elegance to their patio or porch. These lights feature an elegant design and are made from high-quality materials, making them a reliable choice for any home décor project.

The pendant lamp features an aluminum finish that adds both style and durability to your outdoor space. The aluminum construction also makes these lights strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, so you can feel confident knowing your lighting will look great year after year.

The hanging lamp comes equipped with 12 LED bulbs that provide plenty of light without being too bright or harsh on the eyes. Each bulb uses only 1 watt of power, which means you'll be able to enjoy years of worry-free use at low cost per hour compared to other patio string lights on the market today!

Edison Bulb String Lights FAQs

You want to light up your home, but you're not sure which string lights are best for you.

There's a lot of conflicting information out there about string lights. It can be hard to know who to trust and where to begin looking for the right set of string lights. We've created a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about string lights so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing yours!

How Do You Hang An Edison Light String?

If you're wondering how to hang an Edison light string, don't worry — it's not difficult at all. First, cut the string and place your plug box in position so you can see where your wire plugs in. You'll want to make sure that the socket is securely screwed into a wall stud, preferably at least 16 inches from the floor according to the U.S. Electrical Code.

Once you have your plug box secured in place, simply twist on your bulb socket connector and slide it up toward the plug until it snaps into place. Once you have one of these snap connectors filled with a bulb positioned, gently drape your string of lights down vertically until it's touching a solid surface like a table or countertop below; do this for each line of lights you have strung up until they are all touching base, then go back and connect them together with another snap connector at their topmost point if needed (usually only if they are being hung over something like a doorway). Then stand back and marvel at how beautiful your new lighting decor looks!

Can I Replace String Lights With LED Bulbs?

Almost certainly yes, but it depends on the type of string light you have. If your lights are the kind with little candelabra bulbs (usually smaller, sometimes called festoon bulbs), you need LED bulbs that have a similar base size to the existing ones. These will screw directly into your existing sockets and there won't be any additional wiring required.

If your lights take the larger bases found on modern Christmas tree lights, then you may need an adapter or converter box which allows them to be attached to a standard screw-based lamp holder. Again, this would only require some minor wiring work and would not affect how the finished lights worked or looked unless they were being hung outside in direct weather conditions.

What Are The Bulb String Lights Called?

String lights and fairy lights are generic terms for the type of battery-operated corded lighting that's common in holiday decorations. However, it can be confusing when people talk about Christmas lighting or outdoor string lights because they're actually referring to a specific type of bulb.

String lights have tiny bulbs spaced evenly along the length of the cord. This style is perfect for hanging over tables to create a warm, festive glow over your holiday feast. They're also popular as patio string lights since you can drape them across bushes and tree branches without harming your greenery.

Fairy lights (also called mini lights) are the smallest version of this type of lighting and are only suitable for small projects such as decorating a gift box or miniature tree. These tiny bulbs are often found in decorative holiday displays, but many people use them year round since they're so versatile.

Are Edison Lights Out Of Style?

While they're still being manufactured, yes. Modern LED bulbs are much more energy efficient and can be bought for less than the cost of a traditional Edison lightbulb. It's also easier to find modern styles that look similar to the classic bulb without having to deal with sockets and cords.

If you have old-style Edison lights, there's no need to throw them out just yet as long as you don't pay an arm and a leg for them (or at all if you get lucky at your local thrift store). You'll save money on electricity costs in the long run but it will still cost you more upfront unless you buy LED bulbs instead of classic Edison ones. The additional work of replacing the lightbulb every time it burns out is another reason not many people choose this route any longer.

While we wouldn't consider them fashionable or practical, it's possible to keep old-style Edison lights up as decoration pieces if that's what you want to do. They won't be functional but they may add character or charm depending on how well they've been cared for over the years and where you place them compared to other fixtures in your home.

How Do You Hang Edison Lights Without Drilling?

There are a number of options for how to hang Edison lights without drilling and when you're dealing with vintage lightbulbs, it's important to choose an option that won't cause damage. First, look at the base of the bulb; there should be small metal tabs that look like little wings. Gently press on these until they click. You can now twist the bulb until it slides out of the socket. Once you've removed your first bulb, you can test hang one in its place by pressing down on both sides of the top rim of the socket while twisting slightly so that it slides inside just enough so that it stays put but isn't super tight. (Be sure not to force this too much or you could break your light!) If you're hanging multiple bulbs in an array, start with your centermost socket and work your way out. You may want to use masking or painters tape if your sockets are particularly delicate since plastic wrap can cause damage over time as well. Placing a small piece of cloth or tissue paper between each bulb will also help protect them from chips and cracks over time as well

Can You Leave LED String Lights On All The Time?

Technically, yes. But we don't recommend it. While LED lights can be left on 24/7 without wearing out the batteries, they'll last much longer if you turn them off when not in use. If you opt to leave your string lights turned on all the time, then plan on replacing them every year or two max unless you buy battery-operated replacements that are specifically designed for continuous use.

This might seem like a lot of work just so holiday lights can be pretty and bright all the time, but there are a few situations where leaving your multi-colored string lights on continuously is worth considering:

Do LED String Lights Burn Out?

It's a common concern among those who want to keep their lights up for years, and not have to change them or string them through trees. The good news is that LED lights rarely burn out.

They're made with extremely durable bulbs and since they are low-voltage, the power required to light them is minimal compared to regular string lights. That means they don't frequently trip circuit breakers either. They'll also run cooler than other types of bulbs so you won't have to worry about fire hazards either.

What's The Difference Between Fairy Lights And String Lights?

String lights are usually cheaper as you're getting a less intricate design. Whereas fairy lights tend to have a more solid, almost waterproof casing for the bulbs, making them sturdier and better suited to outdoor use. String lights are also easier to hide away if you don't want them on show all the time. However, arguably the biggest difference between these two kinds of lighting is the shape of their construction. String lights usually feature vertical rows of lightbulbs that hang down from above your head like an array of chandeliers. In contrast, fairy lights tend to be hung in an arc around your space, with each bulb typically spaced out several inches apart so they resemble little lanterns when viewed from afar.

What Was The Problem With Edison Light Bulbs?

Although Thomas Edison is credited with inventing the incandescent light bulb, his design wasn't perfect. First, it was difficult to create a filament that would last for long periods of time. Second, the bulbs had low candlepower and were dim compared to modern models. Third, their electrically-conductive carbon filaments were susceptible to high voltage and temperature conditions in early power grids.

In addition to creating advances in filament designs, many electric utilities worked on improving bulb life by reducing wattage demands and designing better insulators for distribution lines and other electrical components.

Do Edison Bulbs Use More Electricity?

While a standard incandescent bulb uses about 90% of its energy producing heat, an LED bulb only spends around 10% of its energy producing light. The other 90% can now be used to power a fan, which helps keep the bulb cool and extend its lifespan.

Edison bulbs are similar in design to LEDs but they use a higher wattage so more electricity is needed to provide enough power for the filament that heats up when turned on. This means Edison bulbs do use more electricity than traditional lights but it also means they produce a much warmer, inviting glow that's perfect for creating that authentic vintage lighting look.


Edison Bulb String Lights are a wonderful choice for any home or business! They make a stylish addition to any space while providing a warm glow and energy-efficient lighting. With their classic design, these bulbs come in various shapes, sizes and colors that add personality to any space. Their vintage look makes them perfect for industrial-themed decor as well as traditional settings, making them great for all your lighting needs. Additionally, they provide an environmentally friendly option over traditional incandescent bulbs due to their low energy consumption. All in all, Edison Bulb String Lights are a great way to enhance the ambiance of your space with minimal effort!

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