Crochet plushies are a fun and relaxing way to unwind after a long day. The process of creating your own little friend is rewarding, and you'll soon find that you can't stop at one! In this buying guide, we'll be taking you through all the factors to consider when purchasing a crochet plushie. We've also compiled a list of our favorite products so that you can get started right away.

The first thing to decide on is whether or not you want a kit or if you're going to wing it with materials that you already have lying around. Kits contain everything necessary to complete your project right out of the box including yarn, stuffing, patterns, and safety eyes in various styles. You just have to add scissors and time! If kits aren't really your style or if they're just too expensive for now then there's still plenty of options available for materials like yarns, needles, stuffing pellets, etc.

How We Choose

We looked at a variety of factors when choosing our favorite crochet plushies, including the overall quality of the finished product, ease of use, customer reviews and pricing. We also considered whether or not the pattern included in the listing was easy to follow. If you're new to crochet or just need a little help with some parts, having an easy-to-follow pattern will make your experience that much better.

We only recommend products that meet our high standards and we're confident that you'll be happy with whichever one you choose!

Crochet Octopus Stuffed Amigurumi Animal Toy

The Octopus is a must-have for anyone who loves cute and cuddly things. It's made from 100% polyester microfiber, so it's both soft and durable.

The size of the plushie is 2in x 2in, making it perfect as a stress ball or just to keep around as a unique decoration. This little friend is also great for gifting to someone you care for or even just to hoard for yourself. They are small and adorable - fitting perfectly in the palm of an adult hand - which makes them perfect for display or even just using as a toy!

These fellas are a great gift idea for any occasion, whether you're looking for something special to celebrate an anniversary with your significant other or want to give someone some love on Valentine's Day. These little guys are definitely worth considering if you're looking for something that will bring smiles every time they see it!

Cute Tiny Crochet Sea Turtle

The safety eyes on this tiny crochet sea turtle are the perfect addition to any project. They add a touch of realism and make your work look more professional.

The soft velvet yarn makes it easy to work with, even for beginners. The colors are beautiful, and you can find one that matches whatever outfit you're wearing. It's also machine washable, making cleanup a breeze. These little guys are perfect for anyone looking for an easy way to add some cute crocheted eyes to their projects without having to worry about them looking messy or uneven.

Whether you're making a doll or a stuffed animal, these safety eyes will give your project that extra bit of cuteness it needs!

GLACIART ONE Amigurumi Yarn Plushies

The Glaciart One Crochet Bumble Bee Stuffed Animal is a great choice for animal lovers at any age. This handmade plush toy is made from 100% acrylic yarn and stuffed with wool filling.

The eyes are button-shaped, making it easy to attach felt lashes if you wish to make it more lifelike. The crocheted bee figure toy has a sweet smile, spherical button eyes and white wings that are durable enough to last for years of playtime fun.

This plushie is not suitable for children under 3 years old as it's made from yarn which can be chewed on by younger children. However, the durability of this product makes it a great investment regardless of your child's age or developmental stage.

Moni's Choice Handmade Crochet Squishy

The Moni's Choice Stress and Anxiety Reducing Ball is a great choice for anyone looking to reduce their stress or anxiety levels. This ball features a soft plush material that is perfect for soothing your nerves during times of high stress or anxiety.

The plush material also makes this an ideal fidget toy for those who struggle with ADD/ADHD, self-sustaining, or focusing issues. The size of the ball is also perfect, making it easy to hold in your hand while you relax and focus on the feeling of the toy in your hand. It's small enough to not be distracting but large enough to provide a satisfying tactile experience.

This toy can help increase focus and attention, which can be beneficial for students who are struggling in school or at work. It's also good for adults who are experiencing high levels of stress from life events or other sources.

Znet3D Stingray Stuffed Plush Toy

I have been on a serious mission to collect every ocean-themed plush toy that exists, and this cute little stingray was the perfect addition to my collection.

It's soft and cuddly body makes it feel very comfortable to hold or play with. The eyes are made out of plastic safety eyes so your little one can pretend to be looking at you when they talk to their stuffed animal. It also has a bendable tale which is great for pretending play.

The Znet3D Plush Stingray is made in the USA, and comes in multiple sizes from nose-to-tail - 10 inches - fin-to-fin - 5 inches - and 2 inches thick, making it suitable for all ages and types of people.

Crochet Plushies FAQs

You've probably seen them, those cute little crochet plushies that litter the bottom of most Christmas stockings and top most Christmas lists.

It's hard to know where to start when looking for the perfect crochet plushie! There are so many options available, it can be really tough to figure out which one is best for you. Especially if this is your first time buying a gift for someone special or just simply want to treat yourself!

We understand how overwhelming this process can be, that's why we put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Crochet Plushies and our curated list of the best answers below!

Is Crocheting A Plushie Hard?

While it's true that you'll need some practice if you're new to crochet, it's certainly not an impossible skill to pick up. There are plenty of great beginner resources online and at your local library, so don't be afraid to give it a try!

It can take time and effort to learn how to crochet, but once you've got the hang of it, creating stuffed animals is a satisfying and fulfilling hobby.

What Is The Easiest Plush To Crochet?

The easiest plush to crochet will have a simple shape that can be worked up in a single color, or with just one accent color. You can also look for patterns that use the simplest of stitches - single crochet and double crochet are best. If you're new to crocheting, stick with basic shapes like cubes or cylinders so you can practice your stitches before working on more complex projects.

Plushies made from felt are much easier (and quicker) to make than plushies made from yarn because felt is stiffer and less stretchy. It doesn't fray either, which is another bonus! Plus, if you want an animal friend that looks realistic but isn't super soft and cuddly, felt is a great choice.

What Do You Need To Crochet Plushies?

In order to make your own plushies, you will need the basic materials:

Plush fabric. This is the insulating material that forms the body of your plushie. It usually comes in solid colors or patterns and can be purchased at any fabric store. You can also use leftover scraps from a cotton shirt or blanket if you want a more unique look. Just keep in mind that solid-colored plush fabric is easier to clean since it's less absorbent compared to materials like fleece. Cotton is a popular choice for making stuffed animals because of its soft feel and durability, but other fabrics like acrylic are also suitable for this project.

This is the insulating material that forms the body of your plushie. It usually comes in solid colors or patterns and can be purchased at any fabric store. You can also use leftover scraps from a cotton shirt or blanket if you want a more unique look. Just keep in mind that solid-colored plush fabric is easier to clean since it's less absorbent compared to materials like fleece. Cotton is a popular choice for making stuffed animals because of its soft feel and durability, but other fabrics like acrylic are also suitable Predator® brand hook size 6 (or similar). The recommended size range for toy animal projects is size S/M (3½–4½ inches), although larger sizes may be used if desired; please consult the pattern sizing notes before beginning work on your project so you know what size hook to use!

What Is The Hardest Thing To Crochet?

The hardest thing to crochet depends on who you ask. For some it's harder to make afghans, because of the size and thickness of the yarn required. Others find it difficult to work with super fine yarns like silk or baby alpaca.

Some people find working in the round much harder than working flat pieces, while others find it easy once they've practiced enough and got used to keeping their stitches tight! Many new crocheters struggle with learning how to read patterns and following them correctly at first too.

Is It OK To Sleep With A Plushie?

It's generally accepted that stuffed animals can help promote healthy sleep in children by making them feel more secure and less afraid. Plush toys are often used as a tool to teach children about emotions too, which is why many kids keep their favorite plushies close to them at night.

While it may seem strange for adults to sleep with stuffed animals, some people actually find that having a plush toy nearby helps them get the rest they need. It's also comforting for some people to have the same stuffed animal they had as a kid near them while sleeping.

That said, it's important not to overdo it when it comes to sleeping with your favorite plushie. While having one or two stuffed animals around may be fine, having so many plushies in bed that you can't move will likely cause you physical discomfort throughout the night – and potentially interfere with your sleep cycle too. If you do decide to bring your plush toys into bed with you, opt for just one or two so that you don't overwhelm yourself.

Is It Easier To Knit Or Crochet Plushies?

Knitting and crocheting are similar in many ways, but creating plush toys is easier when you use a special technique called the U-wrap. With this method, you secure your stitches by wrapping the yarn around your thumb as you work. This gives your toy a soft, cuddly feel that's lacking in stuffed animals made with traditional methods.

You can also crochet or knit plush toys without using the U-wrap, but they won't have quite the same feel as toys made with plastic pellets (the filling often used for beanie babies). To properly stuff your toy, cut open a corner of the animal and fill it from the inside before sewing up the hole securely.

What Yarn Is Best For Plushies?

There are a few things to consider when choosing your plushie yarn. If you're just wanting to make a quick and easy soft toy, any type of worsted weight or bulky yarn will do the trick. Just keep in mind that thicker yarn may result in a firmer fabric, which is not ideal if you're looking for something cuddly and plush. On the other hand, super-chunky yarn can give your toys an almost stuffed animal look while still being soft enough to play with!

If you want something that feels more like real fabric but has some stretch, choose a sock or sport weight yarn. Cotton blends are also great if you want your finished product to be machine washable without feeling too stiff or hard.

Is Crochet Sturdier Than Knitting?

While some people might argue that crochet is actually less sturdy than knitting, it really depends on the type of yarn you use and how you construct your item. Knitting creates a solid base by using only two strands of yarn, while crochet can be done with more strands, giving it added thickness. A thicker gauge in crochet might make the fabric sturdier overall, but if you're working with a thin yarn then your stitches may be looser and possibly result in something less sturdy than knitting with the same yarn. Experiment with different types of yarn to see what works best for you!

What's The Prettiest Crochet Stitch?

There's no one correct answer to this question. It all comes down to personal taste and the type of project you're working on. Technically speaking, any single crochet stitch is a solid “base” for your work, but that doesn't mean it looks good!

If you look at amigurumi, for example, every row is made up of nothing but single crochet stitches. And yet this style of plush toy has a very distinct look compared with something worked in double crochet or treble crochet – the latter two produce openwork fabric.

Add in other factors like color choices and size of hook used, and suddenly that plain-looking single crochet looks really attractive compared with plain double or treble! Again, this is a matter of taste.

How Long Does It Take To Crochet A Plushie?

That depends on how large you're making your toy and what kind of yarn you use. If you use a very small hook and fine thread, it could take anywhere from an hour to several hours. However, that would result in a small plushie, which may be suitable for mice but not larger animals. If you use a medium-sized hook with an appropriate weight of yarn, it could take anywhere from three to six hours. Again, this size is better suited for dogs or cats rather than elephants and whales. Using a large-sized hook with the thickest gauge of yarn will produce the largest finished plushie — but that's not recommended unless your pet is very small because the finished product will be extremely large! Plan on at least 12 hours if you go this route … and plan on lots of trips to the bathroom afterward!


We hope this blog post has been helpful in guiding you toward selecting the perfect crochet plushie pattern. We know there are many great options out there, so we're grateful that you chose to spend some time with us on our blog! Thank you for reading and Happy Crocheting!

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