The best clear fanny packs are a great way to stay hands-free during your next trip to the park, pool, or party. They're perfect for stashing keys, cash, and even makeup — so you don't have to carry a bag.

The difference between the best clear fanny packs and regular ones is that these transparent bags allow you to see what's inside without having to open them up. This makes them ideal for quick access if you need something during your day out — such as your keys or phone — but also means they're not suitable for carrying valuables like passports and wallets.

While we think it's worth investing in one of the best clear fanny packs available now, they may be more expensive than traditional ones — particularly if you want something reliable with multiple compartments and an adjustable waist strap. We've rounded up our top three picks below, which all offer various features depending on how much storage space you need and what kind of style you want your pack to have.

How We Choose

We started by narrowing down the available options to only those that were clearly marked as a fanny pack. We then looked at the various features offered by each contender, such as adjustable straps and pockets with varying sizes and depths, to see which ones would be most useful for our readers. Finally, we read through customer reviews from reputable sources such as Amazon and Walmart to get an idea of any potential issues or concerns that might come up with using each one. From there, we were able to narrow down our list to only those that seemed like they would provide the most value for our readers' needs and expectations.

Veckle Fanny Packs for Women or Men

The Stadium Goods Women's Transparent Fanny Bag is a very basic fanny pack, with two pockets and a waist strap. It's made from PVC plastic and has an inner lining to prevent scratches.

On first inspection it looks like any other transparent bag, but the difference is that this one can be used as a carryall on the move. You get the option of wearing it across your chest or slinging it over your shoulder like an ordinary handbag - pretty handy if you're out and about without much in the way of luggage to take with you.

The strap is adjustable so this will fit waist sizes between 19" and 47", which should cover most women easily, although some men might find it too tight for comfort.

Clearworld Clear Fanny Pack for Women and Men

The Clearworld Clear Fanny Pack is a larger capacity waist bag that's ideal for carrying more than just your phone. It has an adjustable strap so you can easily find the perfect length to suit your needs, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

This clear fanny pack has multiple pockets including one zipped pocket on the front, three additional slip pockets on the inside, and two mesh side pockets to help keep valuable items safe. The top flap features an elastic closure to keep out debris and rain, making this bag waterproof. It's also super easy to clean as it's made from PVC which is resistant to water and stains.

Clear Fanny Pack Belt Bag

The Sojourner bag is a great option for those who want a bag that can be used by both men and women. This three-pocket model has an adjustable strap and fits phones up to the size of an iPhone XS Max, while also fitting other essentials like wallets and passports.

With its large capacity it's not ideal for day trips or shorter hikes, but it will work well for weekend getaways and long walks around town. The bag is made from a sturdy polyester with enhanced stitching, plus premium zippers to ensure durability to last the test of time.

Our testers found this was comfortable to wear as it sits close to your body without being restrictive or too bulky, making it ideal for active pursuits like running or hiking. It's worth noting this isn't completely waterproof so you'll need to take care when washing if you plan on using it in inclement weather conditions.

Clear Fanny Pack FAQs

You want to find the perfect fanny pack for your needs, but you don't know where to start.

It seems like there are hundreds of brands and different fanny packs out there and it's hard to know which one is right for you. We've created a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about fanny packs so that you can finally stop worrying about what will happen if your zipper breaks or if your new fanny pack leaves a stain on your clothing!

Are Clear Fanny Packs Allowed In Stadiums?

While not exactly fashionable, fanny packs are a great option for keeping valuables close by without having to carry a bulky bag or wallet. Fanny packs can be worn sideways or front-facing and are typically zipped closed at the top with an elastic band. They're also inconspicuous compared to backpacks since they don't have shoulder straps that dangle off your body.

While you can wear a fanny pack pretty much anywhere, there is some confusion about whether or not it's appropriate to bring them into major stadiums like AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas; JerryWorld in Dallas; and Levi's Stadium in San Francisco. Technically speaking, all three stadiums allow guests to bring small fanny packs inside with them as long as they don't contain any of the following: firearms or weapons of any kind; alcohol or drugs; laptops or camera equipment; iPads or other tablets; and selfie sticks.

It might seem like bringing a fanny pack into these venues would be pointless since fans aren't allowed to fill them up with anything worthwhile anyway, but this policy was put in place mainly because people were sneaking prohibited items into games by putting them around their waists out of sight.

What Are Fanny Packs Called Now?

The name fanny pack has fallen out of favor and the bags are now often referred to as waist packs, hip packs or bum bags. The phrase waist pack is actually a generic term for any small bag worn around the waist, so it's not specific to fanny packs specifically.

The term hip pack can be traced back to early 1900s America when snake oil salesmen would sell their wares from a small leather pouch on their hips. And bum bag was used in British slang as far back as the 1960s, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. But it wasn't until an episode of “Seinfeld” aired in 1993 that these three terms really took off in popularity.

Should I Bring A Clear Bag To A Concert?

There are two main reasons why you might want to bring a clear bag to a concert: either you're not bringing any kind of bag or you'd like to bring something that's bigger and more eco-friendly than a small, plastic pouch. If this is the case, we recommend checking out products by EcoBag, which makes bags in fun shapes like dinosaur and flower as well as clear versions that are perfect for concerts and other large events.

If you don't want to bring anything at all, though, there are several ways to get into the concert without carrying any items (other than tickets). First off, look for “I brought nothing” booths or tables near the entryway where staff will check your hands for any belongings – including cell phones – before letting you inside. Some venues also have lockers where you can stash your stuff for a small fee; just ask an usher about availability when you arrive.

Why Are People Wearing Fanny Packs Again?

While fanny packs are certainly not considered a fashionable accessory, they do serve an important purpose in some situations. Many people wear them while attending sporting events so they can easily access their ticket and/or wallet without having to dig through a large purse or backpack. They're also great for water parks since you won't have to worry about your valuables getting wet.

It's important to note that wearing a fanny pack is generally frowned upon in most social situations, however there are exceptions. For example, many theme park attendees wear them so they can carry their valuables while riding the rides without having to store them in a locked box or locker room. Some cancer survivors may also choose to wear them as a symbol of solidarity and pride following their treatment, though it's worth noting that this is debated within the community.

Can I Put My Wallet In A Clear Bag?

Technically yes, but we wouldn't recommend it. We've seen clear bags twist and turn in the hands of TSA agents, revealing wallets that weren't properly secured. If you insist on putting your wallet in a clear bag, be sure to double or even triple-fold the top so nothing can fall out.

Why Are Fanny Packs Not Allowed In Stadiums?

Some stadiums have banned fanny packs outright. These venues are concerned about a potential explosion of fireworks or other banned items in the stands, which could lead to panic and injury.

Many other venues ban fanny packs because they're considered an eyesore and an inconvenience for stadium staff members who have to manage them during events. Some fans may not like being told what type of bag they can bring into the event, but banning fanny packs ensures that there's enough room for essentials such as water bottles and blankets inside seating areas without excessive bags taking up space.

Does MLB Require Clear Bags?

Yes, all bags – including purses – must have a clear plastic strip front of at least four inches. Anything smaller can't be brought into the stadium. This rule was first put in place for 2016 and has been applied consistently since then, but there is some confusion about which size bag that includes letters and numbers is acceptable. If your bag isn't clear enough to show what's inside it from a distance away, you'll have to get something else.

An exception to the clear bag rule can also be made if you need a wheelchair or scooter at the game as part of your mobility device (and we're talking one of those things with wheels on it, not just a plain old chair). You can bring in an approved hard-sided case as long as you purchase your ticket through an authorized provider (otherwise they might turn you away).


So there you have it – our top picks for the best clear fanny pack on the market. We hope that this article has been helpful in guiding you towards making an informed decision when selecting a model that will meet your needs and expectations. Thanks again for reading and remember – safety first!

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