Beard bibs are an excellent way to keep your favorite shirt clean while you're styling your beard. It's a simple but effective tool that even the most seasoned beardsman can use.

If you have long hair, this is especially true. There's nothing worse than getting your beard and mustache styled only to realize that all of that hair has landed on your clothes and they're covered in little bits of lint or stray hairs. If you've ever been there, then you know how frustrating it is—not to mention time-consuming—to have to stop what you were doing and run those clothes through the washer just because you didn't want them ruined.

Beard bibs are designed specifically for this purpose. They catch loose hairs as they fall from your face so that they don't land on your clothing or end up on the floor where they'll get stepped on later when you walk away from wherever you're styling yourself. Stray hairs will cling to a beard bib, but at least they won't make their way onto anything else in the room.

How We Choose

We've reviewed the best beard bibs to help you find the right option for you. Whether you want to protect your clothing while shaving, or are looking for a stylish alternative to towel-drying your face, these bibs have you covered.

Beard Hair Catcher for Men Shaving & Trimming

The Aksice Beard Catcher is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and easy-to-use beard catcher. While it does lack some of the extras found on more expensive models, such as suction cups, this model still gets the job done.

The Aksice Beard Catcher has a simple design with one button release that makes it easy to use. The neck straps are adjustable to ensure a snug fit while you shave or trim your beard, and the soft non-stick surface means no scratches or marks on your mirror or tiles.

While this model doesn't have suction cups like the other top picks, it does come with four suction cups which are designed to hold onto most flat surfaces including mirrors and glass doors. It also comes with a handy travel bag so you can take your beard catcher on vacation without worrying about losing lint from your bathroom counter.

Beard Cape Apron for Husband, Boyfriend, Men

The Oxsaytee Beard Cape is a great all-rounder in terms of beard cap effectiveness. It's one of the most affordable options on this list, making it an ideal starting point for anyone looking to get started with their grooming regime.

It does what it says on the tin, so you can use it to shave your face and neck without having to worry about any hair falling into your sink or onto your floor. The suction cup attachment is super helpful when using this product as a shaving tool, while the cleaning brush will help keep things extra clean after each use.

The double-edged razor blade set is good quality and lasts a decent amount of time before needing replacement, while the scissors are sturdy enough to trim facial hair if you need some help shaping that beard down correctly.

Bib Apron Beard Catcher, with 4 Suction Cups

The Likeny Apron Cape Beard Rake is a super simple yet effective way to trim your beard. The product's suction cups allow you to attach it directly to a mirror, while the adjustable neck straps make it easy to adjust.

The cape features two detachable pockets that are ideal for holding your clippers and shaving kit, as well as allowing you to quickly grab them when needed. There's also an additional pocket on the front of the cape - useful for storing your favorite razor blade refills or even a spare piece of face tissue.

Despite its simplicity, we found that the Likeny Apron Cape Beard Rake worked really well at clipping stray hairs and making short work of trimming our beards. It's comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time too, with ergonomic foam padding lining each shoulder strap.

Beard Bib FAQs

Do you have a question about beard bibs?

You may feel overwhelmed by the number of options when it comes to picking out the best beard bib for your needs. There are tons of different brands and products out there, making it tough to figure out which ones are worth your time and money. We know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect gift for that special someone in your life!

We've created this handy guide where we answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about beard bibs so that you can make an informed decision on your purchase. With our help, you'll be able to confidently give the perfect gift to that special person in your life!

Does Facial Hair Matter During A Job Interview?

Depending on the industry and position you're seeking, facial hair can be either a deal breaker or a non-issue. While many organizations have moved away from strict dress codes and uniforms in favor of more casual business attire, this shift doesn't necessarily extend to facial hair.

While exceptions are certainly made for religious reasons, clean-shaven is still the norm for professional men – at least for entry level positions. That said, if you want to grow out your beard or goatee but aren't sure how your prospective employer feels about facial hair, ask them directly and err on the side of caution by keeping it well groomed and neatly trimmed while interviewing.

Do Women Like Men With Facial Hair?

It depends. Some women like the look of a well-kept goatee, while others prefer the clean-shaven look. It really just depends on the woman you're talking about. If you want to know how your facial hair is coming across to women you're chatting with, try asking a female friend or relative for their honest opinion — but don't be offended if they tell you to shave it off! The best way to find out what works for your particular lady is by asking her directly and then seeing how she responds. You might get an answer that surprises you, so don't discount it until you've tried it out yourself!

Does A Well Groomed Man With Facial Hair Indicate Their Sexual Orientation?

The answer is yes, but only if they wear their facial hair in a way that clearly shows off their masculinity. While beards are popular among heterosexual men, there's something about well groomed facial hair on a masculine man that screams, "I'm gay!"

We've all seen it – the man with the perfectly manicured goatee who smiles and laughs in a high pitched voice while wearing his gold hoop earrings. This is a sign of femininity and sends the message that he's not confident or secure in his masculinity. It's also an indication of poor grooming! A truly masculine man doesn't need to over-accessorize or wear elaborate clothing just to prove he's straight. Instead, he exudes natural confidence through his actions and appearance without needing attention from others about his sexual orientation.

Is A Man With Well Groomed Facial Hair Mean They Are Growing Old?

There is no scientific evidence that a man with facial hair has crossed the threshold into the territory of old age. However, there are clues. A well-groomed beard suggests proper hygiene: bathing and shaving on a regular basis. It's easy to spot an old person by their odor or neglected dentition.

A man with a full, luxuriant beard should be considered youthful and virile – unless he looks unkempt, in which case he may be just an eccentric homeless person who insists upon having long whiskers because they make him feel like a cat or other animal that can climb trees.

If You Constantly Trim Your Beard Will The Hair Grow Faster?

It's a myth that shaving makes your hair grow faster. Hair grows at the root, so cutting above the skin's surface doesn't change anything. You might be more prone to ingrown hairs if you shave too closely, though, so make sure you use a sharp blade and plenty of shaving cream or gel. If you still have irritation after shaving, try an exfoliating scrub with salicylic acid first to soften your beard for a closer cut without irritation.

If you don't want facial hair but find yourself constantly trimming anyway, talk with your doctor about birth control options that may suppress hair growth.

Does Trimming Your Facial Hair Make It Grow In Bushier?

It's a common myth that trimming your facial hair makes it grow back thicker, but according to Dr. Brown, the only way this is true is if you're cutting below the base of the follicle. If you cut above the base, then it will only appear thicker as there'll be more visible space between each strand. It might seem counterintuitive, but cutting your facial hair actually helps keep it from getting too out of control by promoting healthy growth in the follicles.

If You Trim Grey Beards Does It Encourage More Grey Hair?

Many people believe that trimming a grey beard can encourage more grey hair, but this isn't true. As men age, the hair follicles begin to shrink and produce less pigment (color), which causes their hair to turn gray. Trimming a beard doesn't have any effect on the hair on top of your head or elsewhere on your body.

If you're concerned about appearing younger than you are, consider coloring your beard instead. This technique is only temporary though, so if you want long-term results you may want to consider salon laser treatments or surgical facelifts instead.

Will You Wife Divorce You If You Leave The Bathroom Messy With Your Trimmed Facial Hair?

The short answer is yes, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. If your marriage has become a prison and shaving in the bathroom sink will be your only chance at freedom then by all means go for it. It's not like she can follow you into the bathroom after you've already trimmed your beard.

If she does discover what you did though, expect an ultimatum followed by divorce papers and possibly even a restraining order! We're kidding of course. She won't divorce you over this silly thing as long as it's done infrequently (once every week or two) and with care. A little messiness never hurt anyone unless they have OCD which is something else entirely!


The best beard bib will protect not only your clothes but also your skin from any mess or spills that may occur while you're grooming. Look for features like adjustable straps, spill-proof material and mesh in the neck area to ensure maximum convenience. Additionally, make sure to check reviews before purchasing to ensure that the product meets your needs. By taking these factors into consideration, you can find the perfect beard bib that fits both your budget and lifestyle.

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