Beard growth serums are a popular choice for men who want to grow a beard or mustache but don't want to wait the months it can sometimes take. These serums contain ingredients intended to speed up the hair growth process and help you reach your desired facial hair look faster.

Beard growth serums work by applying minoxidil directly to your skin, as opposed to ingesting it like with a beard growth pill. This allows minoxidil — the active ingredient in these serums — to diffuse quickly into your bloodstream and circulate throughout your body more efficiently, which may lead to better results. While there isn't much research available on using minoxidil topically versus orally, most of the beard growth serums we researched do have positive user reviews and seem effective for many people.

Before choosing a beard growth serum, learn about its active ingredient(s), how quickly it takes effect, and what kind of side effects you might experience from use.

How We Choose

There are hundreds of different beard growth serums on the market, but not all of them are created equal. To find the best one for you, start by considering your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, look for a serum that is fragrance-free and gentle; if you don't mind an added scent, choose one with natural scents like citrus or sandalwood. Additionally, consider what causes your facial hair to grow slower - stress? Hormonal imbalances? Dryness? – and choose a serum formulated to treat those issues specifically. Once you've found a few promising candidates, test them out over a few weeks and see which one gives you the most noticeable results!

Elevate Minoxidil Hair Growth Serum with Biotin

The Elevate Beard Growth Oil is a natural product that aims to help promote beard growth and hair health. The oil comes in a convenient bottle with an easy-to-use dropper, so you can apply it directly to your beard or other facial hair area.

The product contains several key ingredients, including minoxidil, biotin, collagen, and caffeine. Minoxidil has been proven to be an effective treatment for hair loss and works by stimulating existing dormant follicles to grow new hairs. Collagen is also included in the formula, which helps strengthen existing strands of hair and prevent breakage.

The Elevate Beard Growth Oil does not contain any harsh chemicals and is formulated with only natural ingredients. It's important to note that this product does not work miracles overnight - it takes time for your beard to fully grow into the thickness you want it too!

5% Minoxidil Hair Growth Serum For Men

If you're looking for a product that will give your hair a boost without any of the fuss, then DAVV Minoxidil Spray is the solution. The serum is designed to deliver high concentrations of 5% minoxidil directly to your scalp, where it can do its best work.

The bottle features an easy-to-use spray mechanism that allows you to apply it directly to your hair and scalp for an efficient and effective result. It's important to note that this product does not come with any additional benefits such as increased blood flow or improved texture; however, if you're looking for a straightforward solution to address hair loss concerns, this will get the job done.

It's also worth noting that while results vary from person to person, many users have found that their hair started growing faster after using DAVV Minoxidil Spray. This is especially true for those who have experienced thinning in areas like the crown or temples.

Beard Growth Serum by Wild Willies

The Wild Willies Beard Boost Serum is a great option for anyone looking to grow their beard faster. This product uses caffeine and Biotin to stimulate hair growth, which results in a thicker and fuller beard.

The serum also nourishes the skin underneath your facial hair, restoring moisture and making your beard feel soft and look healthy. The lightweight formula absorbs quickly into the skin leaving no greasy residue behind, making it perfect for hot summer days. I have been using this product for several months now, and my beard has never looked better! It's not super long yet but it is full with volume that makes me feel good about myself when I'm out in public.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to see results fast!

Striking Viking Beard Growth Oil with Biotin

The Striking Viking Beard Growth Oil is a great option for anyone looking to grow their beard faster. This oil contains all-natural ingredients, including biotin, which helps promote faster and thicker hair growth.

The bottle comes with a guarantee, so you can rest assured that if it doesn't work out for any reason you can get your money back. It's easy to use too – just apply a few drops of oil into your palms and run your hands evenly through your beard. The best part? It smells like sandalwood!

If you're looking to take the next step in growing out your facial hair then this is the product for you. We recommend using it alongside the Striking Viking Beard Shampoo as they work hand-in-hand to help strengthen and thicken your beard even more!

Beard growth serum for men

I'm a big fan of the Beard Growth Oil from Hemp Seed, as it's not just a styling product that will make your beard look more full.

It also contains ingredients like hemp seed oil and vitamin E oil to help nourish and strengthen your hair so you can achieve that thick mane of facial hair. The packaging is super sleek and simple, making it easy to travel with if you're on the go.

This product is made in the USA which gives you peace of mind when buying something that has such an important part to play in looking good with a beard.

Beard Growth Serum FAQs

There's a lot of products and brands that claim to be the best beard growth serum, but it can be tough to know who to trust.

It can also be difficult to figure out what the most important questions are when looking for the best products for growing facial hair. We've created this handy list of Frequently Asked Questions about beard growth serums so you can feel more confident in your purchase! With this information, you'll be able to make an informed decision on which product is right for you!

Which Beard Growth Serum Is Best For Hair Fall?

While all beard growth serums will help prevent hair loss, not all of them will help reverse hair fall. If you have issues with thinning hair or excessive shedding, look for a serum that contains ingredients like saw palmetto and ginseng. These natural extracts can reduce the severity of scalp irritation, which may be causing your condition.

Be aware that some beard growth serums contain caffeine as an active ingredient; however, it's not recommended to use these products if you're experiencing significant hair loss. Products containing saw palmetto or ginseng are best suited to improving the texture and volume of your facial hair – but only if you don't also suffer from an underlying medical issue like alopecia or telogen effluvium. Some people find relief by using a combination of topical applications along with oral supplements, so be sure to consult your doctor before switching up your routine.

Do Beard Growth Serums Work?

When it comes to men's grooming, the hair that grows from our faces tends to get all of the attention. For a guy who wants to look his best, that's understandable. However, we definitely don't want to overlook other parts of our bodies either. After all, what good is looking great in your beard if you have scruffy arms or unkempt legs?

Beard growth serums are one way for guys to ensure that their facial hair looks full and healthy without over-grooming their faces. While it's not as common of a concern for women when they wax or shave their legs – at least we hope not! – beard serums can also help keep your leg hair soft and manageable so you don't experience any painful razor burn or itching while shaving or wearing those short summer dresses.

What Serum Is Best For Beard Growth?

There are a lot of different beard growth serums on the market, and it can be tough knowing which one is going to work best for your needs. Before you choose a product, it's important to understand exactly what you're looking for from your serum.

If you want something that will make your beard look thicker and healthier without changing its natural color too much, then opt for a product that is designed to condition hair rather than dye it. We like Honest Amish as an all-natural choice here. If you're after something with more hold and shine, though, then go for a product specifically designed to add volume and glossiness to facial hair; we recommend Davines Oi or our top-rated option in this category, Gentlemen's Hardware Hair Potion. If what you want most is length and thickness of growth throughout your beard region (including the mustache), then go with one of the many specialty grow booster products out there; our pick here is Pith

What Can I Use To Boost My Beard Growth?

There are a number of products and supplements on the market that claim to help stimulate beard growth, but it's important to be cautious when choosing one.

Be careful about using anything with harsh chemicals as these can irritate your skin and cause further damage to your hair follicles. It's also worth checking the customer reviews online first, especially if you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies. If you're interested in trying out a product for yourself, here are some we recommend:

How Do I Fill My Patchy Beard?

If you have a patchy beard, you know it can be a real confidence booster when your face is properly groomed. But if you're one of the many men who suffer from spotty facial hair growth, don't despair. There are steps you can take to make your beard look fuller and more consistent.

Beard oil is an essential grooming product for any man with a beard because it nourishes the skin beneath your facial hair. It also gives your beard shine and keeps stray hairs from clumping together. You'll get the most benefit from beard oil if you massage some into the skin beneath your beard rather than just applying it to the surface of the hair follicles.

You can also fill in sparse spots with temporary products like beard balm or crème brulee wax, which work by giving extra hold to individual hairs so they stand up on their own instead of lying flat against your face. These products are easy to apply – just rub them into clean hands and then run them through the length of your beard – but they do tend to stiffen some beards, so many men prefer using them only at special occasions or when they want their beards looking especially full and bushy. If that's how you plan on using this type of product, keep in mind that it will require regular cleanup as well as additional care compared to regular brushing; otherwise, excess wax may stick in odd places throughout your day and give off an unkempt appearance no matter how thick or healthy your actual beard may appear at first glance.

Is Beard Oil Or Serum Better?

It all depends on your needs. Both products are excellent at softening and moisturizing facial hair, but each one has its own unique benefits.

Beard oil is a lightweight product that will provide an overall conditioning for your beard. It'll help soften the hair shaft so it's easier to style and brush through without tugging or causing irritation. Beard oil also provides a nice shine that will make your beard look healthier and more lustrous. You can use beard oil in conjunction with other styling products like pomade or wax if you want additional hold and shaping power.

Serum is much thicker than beard oil, which means it's better at taming unruly hairs within your whiskers. Serum is great for those who need extra control when shaving or shaping their beard into different styles like sideburns or mutton chops, too. If you have very thick facial hair, serum may be the best choice for you as it will help condition and moisturize coarse hair to keep it from getting brittle and dry. Plus, since serum usually contains additional ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and more, this type of product usually offers a greater variety of benefits compared to traditional base oils found in many standard oils

Should I Use Beard Oil Everyday?

Beard oil is meant to be a regular part of your grooming routine, but it's not necessary to use it every day. Some men like the way their beard feels when they first wake up, while others find that it's best for maintaining the shape and condition of the hair after several days without combing or brushing. Experiment with a variety of applications to see what works best for you.

Why Is My Beard Growing So Slowly?

While genetics do play a role in determining how quickly your beard grows, there are a number of factors that can influence the speed at which your facial hair grows. These include:

Diet – Eating a well-balanced diet is important for maintaining good health and ensuring that all of your bodily functions, including hair growth, operate smoothly. Be sure to eat plenty of protein-rich foods like eggs, meat and beans, as well as healthy fats like avocados and nuts. Drinking plenty of water will also ensure that you have sufficient nourishment to fuel beard growth.

Hygiene – While it might seem counterintuitive, proper hygiene can actually help promote faster beard growth. That's because keeping excess oil away from your roots will prevent them from becoming too greasy and tangled up as they grow down toward the end of your chin. Washcloths or baby wipes work best for this task if you don't use shaving products specifically designed for this purpose.


The best beard growth serum is a unique blend of ingredients specifically designed to promote healthy facial hair. It helps stimulate the production of keratin and collagen, which are essential for strong, shiny hair that won't fall out or become brittle. The ideal formula will be non-irritating and have minimal scent so as not to interfere with cologne or fragrance choice. Additionally, it should come in an easy-to-dispense container that makes application simple—ideally with instructions on how often to use it for optimal results. Lastly, the price should be reasonable without breaking the bank. With all these features combined together in one product, choosing the best beard growth serum is key to having a stellar beard!

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